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Hyper-realistic Oil Paintings by Robin Eley

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When you find out that the works of Robin Eley are actually oil paintings, and not photographs, you immediately go back to have another look. It takes a really good eye to actually see the paint strokes: hard as it is to paint people in such a realistic manner, Robin also “wraps” his models into plastic, which makes it all the more impressive.

This Australia-based artist with a British birth certificate and American education spends around 5 weeks on a painting, working around 90 hours a week. Robin says he tries to explore the perception of isolation in the modern world, and the plastic wrap in his pictures works as a medium for this, since “it is something you can see through, but not feel through”.

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  • Sasa Radojevic via Facebook

    These are by far worst pix posted from Bored Panda

  • Markus Blechschmidt via Facebook

    Are they really painted?

  • Kelly Igoe via Facebook

    These are amazing!!!

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Sasa Radojevic you do understand that they are all painted? :o

  • Diane Lillian via Facebook

    Ummm…Sasa, have you ever held an artist’s brush? I can’t even imagine the talent it took to create such awe-inspiring paintings.

  • Lindsey Pandamonium Yoder via Facebook

    Id like to see Sasa paint like that! lol There are some amazing artist out there.

  • Jochen Grotepaß via Facebook

    Unbelievable that these are paintings. Still cannot believe that.

  • Darcy Noni via Facebook

    Hmm.. Ya, this look like photographs

  • IAm Loga via Facebook

    Another amazing hyper-realistic picture:

  • Mary Davies via Facebook

    Crazy talented!!!
    Here’s his website

  • Diane Lillian via Facebook

    Thanks for sending me to deviantART, IAm Loga. Not only have you managed to introduce me to yet another impressive artist, but I can safely say that I will squander my day getting lost in the goodness of DA.

  • Sasa Radojevic via Facebook

    Like I said, It’s my opinion and I am entitled to it. Since you all have nothing better to say about it. I will leave it at that!

  • Sasa Radojevic via Facebook

    That is right Diane you can’t imagine what’s that like. How about having5 years of college experience and degree in art. And have seen better than lookalike photos. So if you don’t know the person, shut you trap!

  • Sasa Radojevic via Facebook

    Obviously not even the page owner has no respect for Other peoples opinion by deleting my comments. So sad!

  • Sasa Radojevic via Facebook

    If that is the case. I will withdraw from it.

  • Diane Lillian via Facebook

    I think you’re a little stressed, Sasa. I wasn’t attacking you .. I thought maybe you didn’t know that these were not photographs. Just giving credit for work that IMHO, is outstanding.

  • Fernando Pereira Carrillo

    In tastes there is nothing written, freedom of expression is valid.

  • Jill Campbell Mackay via Facebook

    outstanding but…………… why…whats the point ???????????

  • Ola Grygielska via Facebook


  • Carina Oliver via Facebook
  • Moni

    mother of god..

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Sasa Radojevic strange.. I have even pressed “like” on your comment that is now missing! Must be some kind of facebook glitch. Sasa was saying that it was just HIS opinion, so no need to scold him.

  • Adam Cook via Facebook

    A friend of mine in Australia who is a gallery owner bought one of these. I’ve seen it very close up in their home. It’s a painting.

  • Ernesto Segura via Facebook

    Sasa callateeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jim Riegel via Facebook

    In the early days of photography, photographers tried to make their photos look like paintings.

  • Fábio Santos


  • Jacqale

    I am also an artist, my work is also very realistic – and it is extremely difficult to accomplish nevermind complete in a mere 5 weeks!! I think the paintings are amazing!! Truly and utterly astonishing. The fact that some folk dont get why he does it is completely besides the point – you also have no idea how much talent and dedication this calibre of work takes – the point is, its amazing. Although I would’ve put an entirely different interpretation to the use of plastic bags, but that is the artist perogative.

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