While some of us get depressed struggling to paint our nails a solid color, others create masterpieces fit for art galleries. Just have a look at these intricate Harry Potter-inspired nail art designs. What kind of sorcery is that?

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We can't help but marvel at such talented people. Bored Panda tried its best to gather a bunch of stunning examples of Harry Potter manicure to please every Potterhead out here. Which ones do you like best? Share your own bewitching nail art designs with us, too!

(h/t: someecards)


Harry Potter Nails Art

artavika Report

AmyNg 1 year ago

We need a tutorial. Now. Or tell us where to get these nails. *cries in desperation*

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Harry Potter Nails Art

melissarenea Report

TammyChapman 1 year ago

Love these. Beautiful free hand design.


Harry Potter Nails Art

ayewuykenails Report

GiorgiBalakhadze 1 year ago

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Harry Potter Nails Art

starrilynails Report

AnnMcNeil 1 year ago

This makes me want to cry .......

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Harry Potter Nails Art

pebbsolivejess Report

KatrinaGreen 1 year ago

the only one on this list i could actually do even though knowing me i would probably mess it up

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Harry Potter Nails Art

naileditnz Report

LetíciaTeles 1 year ago

sooo cute


Harry Potter Nails Art

betweenhernails Report

SydneyDeZurney 1 year ago

These are actually by IG-@just_alexiz

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