Do you get along with your neighbors? For some, coming home means unplugging from the rest of the world, other people included. But for others, neighbors can make the difference between a lonely, fearful, life, and a happy one.

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These hilarious letters from neighbor-to-neighbor capture those special moments when it's hard to get along. Have you ever written an angry letter to, or received a complaint letter from, a neighbor? Post it below, or vote on your favorite!

(h/t: 22words)

#1 Seems Legit

Seems Legit Report

AlisonD.Cohen 1 year ago

It's hard enough to break a bad habit, don't enable those who need to quit!

#2 The Pooper Stooper

The Pooper Stooper Report

davidforte 1 year ago

This note I'm sure started ww3

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#4 To The People Who Kept Us Up All Night

To The People Who Kept Us Up All Night Report

MarkSzeman 1 year ago

One of the most Epic neighbor notes ive seen in a long long time :D

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#5 A Funny Neighborly Note

A Funny Neighborly Note

tazednconfused Report

SusannaVesna 1 year ago

Toilet paper on Amazon? Does it have some special print on it or something? Just wondering

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#8 Stealing Plants

Stealing Plants

zeb1 Report

LauraPeters 1 year ago

I think this one is my favorite. You could sub a bunch of things in for "plants" and it would be equally as funny, like stealing people's lunches from the fridge at work! :o)

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#11 The Neighbors Need To Stop

The Neighbors Need To Stop

gdm516 Report

eros007 1 year ago

This is well written and to the point. They got free advice without paying for counseling. Take a break and make the break!~

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#12 So My Neighbors Had A Dispute

So My Neighbors Had A Dispute Report

jollyboyspecial 1 year ago

I'm confused. Why would you call the police on someone's lawn?

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#14 You’re A Wiseass, Harry

You’re A Wiseass, Harry

unknown Report

LoisReese 1 year ago

I once lived in an apartment under a couple who had a 2-3 year old girl. She ran from one end of the apartment to the other for hours at a time. In addition, the boyfriend had a set of drums in the master bedroom (yep, right above my bedroom) and played - badly - at all hours.

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#15 Please Do Not Feed The Pigeons

Please Do Not Feed The Pigeons


JannProvencher 1 year ago

Like poop everywhere and multiple and once they have babies the generations to come will never leave as long as part the building still stands.

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