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The City in the Clouds: Dubai Photographed from the 85th Floor

So how high do you have to be to walk above the clouds? 85th floor, that’s the answer. German photographer Sebastian Opitz has been getting up at 4 a.m. and taking trips to 1.358-foot-tall (414 m) Princess Tower in Dubai to capture these dream-like pictures of skyscrapers piercing the fluffy clouds and the fog. Among them you can also see Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

According to Opitz, thick fog is rare in Dubai, it occurs only four to six days a year and evaporates after 9 a.m. Seems like tons of dedication and liters of coffee had to be used to capture these spectacular moments. But the thrill must’ve been completely worth it – it’s like a whole different world up there!











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  • awesome


  • Nathan Doyle via Facebook


  • Dennis Janssens via Facebook

    what a fuckin shit city

  • Brian David via Facebook

    yet they are running out of water, and with sea level rise, and the already eroding monuments like the palm islands… will the city even be there in 50 years.

    think about it

  • Justina Bakutytė via Facebook

    Brian, it will. just above the clouds :)

  • Shahan Bedrosian

    beautiful view

  • Nicholas Santiago Valverde via Facebook

    Wow there are some amazing shots here!

  • Julie Walls via Facebook

    gorgeous pics

  • Nora Saleh via Facebook

    Fifi Abou Hamdan شوفي هالشوفة

  • OIC Moments

    What is it about clouds that they have the ability to transform both the sky above and the earth below and give them a dream-like, ethereal quality?

  • Fifi Abou Hamdan via Facebook

    نورااااااااا انا هاد المشهد شفتو كزا مرة من البلكون :) و احيانا بطلع عالبلكون بلاقي قدامي ابيض!! ما بشوف اصبعتي!!!
    بالصورة الرابعة في تلات ابراج متل بعض جنب بعض، تحتن في برج من جهة مستقيم و من جهة منحني… هاد بيتي!

  • Fifi Abou Hamdan via Facebook

    و البرج اللي باخر صو ة المفتول فتل هو برجب المفضل و منزلتلو صور كتير :)

  • Fifi Abou Hamdan via Facebook

    يه و طالعين بالصورة السادئة اوضح و اقرب!
    هن تلات ابراج متل بعض قبال بعض من جهة جوا مستقيمين و اطلالتن اللي لبرا منحنية :) انا هنااااااااااا

  • Ghufran Obeid via Facebook

    فكرتا رسمة

  • Fifi Abou Hamdan via Facebook

    Laaaaaa hazihi 7a2ee2a :)

  • Nora Saleh via Facebook

    ديري بالك على حالك فيفي .. ضرورية الخرزة الزرقا هه

  • Fifi Abou Hamdan via Facebook


  • Angelika Iwanczyk via Facebook

    Astonishing pics

  • Max

    Manific! Wunderbar! Shalom!