Will "overly excited dog" be the next internet meme sensation? These photos of a dog defending a terrified kitty from the scary thunderstorm outside, posted just one day ago by Reddit user Departments, have drawn thousands of upvotes and comments. Some have even used the photos to create an "overly excited dog" meme spinoff!

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Below are the three original photos on which the subsequent memes were based; the final image is the now famous "overly excited dog," followed by some user submissions from Reddit. Pandas, can you do better? Submit your own custom memes below!

More info: departments

dog-protecting-cat-internet-meme-1   dog-protecting-cat-internet-meme-2   dog-protecting-cat-internet-meme-3

Here's how the internet responded:

#2 Aawww, Finally We Meet

Aawww, Finally We Meet


HeatherLawless 1 year ago

Oh moon moon

#6 You've Been Touched

You've Been Touched

PartialHoser Report

Martin 1 year ago

John Travolta reaching for the crotch... what a surprise. He's probably waiting for a reach around.

#8 Hes Goint To Space To Save The Cat

Hes Goint To Space To Save The Cat

Rijiii83 Report

Martin 1 year ago

If this was actually a CCCP dog shot into outer space, it would have died there

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#9 Fluffy Is That You?

Fluffy Is That You?

gnostic_cat Report

SusannaVesna 1 year ago

Oh my! The guy is HAWT!!