This is a selection of my latest illustrations as a coffee artist done with coffee and brown pencil on watercolor paper. Working mostly with portraits means that I recreate reference pictures but after giving them a personal interpretation, the result is not a 100% faithful reproduction.

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Tattoos, hats, flowers, clothes,... give me the opportunity to create more intrincate illustrations and offee is a complex, unique product whose worth goes beyond just a drink.

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#3 Margot Robbins

Margot Robbins


Gary Pick 5 months ago

Her last name is spelled 'Robbie,' not 'Robbins.'

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#6 Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull


Sarah Wartenberg 5 months ago

Amazing details!

#9 Invisible



dirty don 5 months ago

it's the best stuff to draw tear

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#10 Fearless



Ray Ashby 5 months ago

Don't you get fed up with brown after a while. You ever fancy yellow or red.........??

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