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Chandelier Turns a Room into a Forest

Different lighting can completely change the look and feel of a room, but this incredible chandelier from Hilden & Diaz will take you straight to the jungle with just one click! Created by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, “Forms of Nature” chandelier is a beautifully designed bundle of white tangled branches, casting shadows on the walls that look like forest trees. As the light bulb is placed in the center of the chandelier, it projects a 360 degree shadow formation on every wall and the ceiling.

„The shadows engulf the room and transform the walls into unruly shadows of branches, bushes and gnarled trees. Mirrorings are thrown out upon the walls and ceilings and provide weak Rorschach-like hints of faces, life and flow of consciousness. Diming the lights transforms the installation and one senses a weak fire burning deep in the center of the forest,“ describe Hilden and Diaz.

There’s seems to be already a line waiting for this concept model to be put into production, what about you?

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  • Maxamil

    WOW!!! Romantic and Erie at the same time

  • Mysticcccc

    How where to buy it? Or how do I make it?

  • Idle

    I need this!!!!

  • Pulbrook

    Quickly someone tell me how do I get this chandeleir NOW!!!

  • Helene Barrott

    i will be attempting to make a variation on this idea very soon, so check out my page on facebook. The Wire Wish Tree

  • Titania

    Oh, please make more of these and sell! There are loads of nature romantics in Sweden and the other Nordic countries and I’m sure that if only word gets around, you could sell loads!

  • eyeofball

    Wow i would like to buy this…how can i buy this and what is the cost

Author:   Date posted: May 13th, 2013
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