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Cell Phone Towers Disguised as Trees

They may look like pines and cactus on steroids, but they’re actually cell phone towers disguised as trees.

The ever-increasing cell phone usage requires a huge number of towers, however nobody wants to see them in their stark, skeletal nakedness. Moreover, many residents think that living, working, or going to school near a cell phone tower might increase the risk of cancer or other health problems. That’s why telecommunications companies came up with a clever idea of using camouflaged towers that look like trees, flag poles, water tanks or church towers.

For seven years Robert Voit has traveled around the world photographing these weird trees – including fake pine, palm and, in Arizona, cactus. So take a good look at these photos and make sure you don’t’ try to cut them down one day.

Website: | Sources: The Guardian,

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What do you think?

  • Jeff Higgins via Facebook

    Are they for trunk calls only? See what I did there……

  • Claudia Natalia Rincon via Facebook

    Love the idea! However, negative efects over health will not be washed away by their beauty – wouldn’t wanna live next to one of these, even if it looked as awesome as they do.

  • Michael Valentino via Facebook

    Whatever, my chainsaw can cut through metal too

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    haha Michael Valentino

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Claudia Natalia Rincon : well, according to American Cancer Society, there’s nothing to worry about:

  • Komo Tool via Facebook

    Tan chidísimos pero es una utopía en México. Aquí estan peleando la banda ancha de 2.5, já

    • Omarcito Valdivia

      Nada de eso. En Aguascalientes hay en forma de palmera.

  • lala

    They only want that people don’t protest for their cancers.

  • Samguy420

     These were made in the 1990s when cell phone usage became popular, and people thought naked cell phone towers were eye sores. Now the practice of disguising them is being abandoned. Sometimes the fake plants are even uglier than just a naked transmission tower by itself.

  • Anonymous

    ahh..saw one up close. if anything its a smart idea. better than those eye sore mettalic poles. good stuff.

  • Shaunagh Bromley via Facebook

    In South Africa they have been disguising mobile phone masts as trees for a long time

  • CptMiller

    No, they don’t. Mobile phone networks use radio frequencies not microwave ones.