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Book Origami By Isaac Salazar

Isaac Salazar, an accountant born in Texas, brings back life to old books by creating interesting pieces of book origami. It’s his way of recycling a book that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Isaac has been creating these for almost 2 years now. His books first started out simple and have recently become more intricate.

“I see my work as a way to display a meaningful piece of art onto a book that would otherwise sit on a shelf and collect dust… The words or symbols I use are drawn from anything that invokes inspiration or encouragement, such as “Read”, “Dream” and the Recycle symbol. If my work also makes people look at a book and even art in a new light then the piece has done its job,” says Isaac.

Websites: Flickr | Etsy

1. Read

2. Create

3. Dream

4. Love

5. Corrie

6. M

7. Sue & Tom

8. Peck

9. Twilight

10. Sunny

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  • Matisseq

    only words?
    what about images?

    • Heartofthepunk_92

      try to do it by your own and take a pic, after you can critiquize.

      • Cheeky ex-pat

        critiquize, seriously? what the devil does that mean?!

        • Matisseq

          hahaha good one

  • Anonymous

    I was surprised there was none saying PORN. That would be the ultimate pornbook.

  • Origamix

    really nice.

  • Werf

    WOW !

  • Kbrown83

    Can we get instructions for “book oragami” the possibilities are endless!  I love stuff like this, I am very much into detailed crafts.

  • UM

    It’s called a “Block M”

Author:   Date posted: Feb 4th, 2011
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