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The Most Beautiful Spider in the World (20 pics)

People often ask, who is the most beautiful spider in the world?

You are lucky, because I know the answer – it’s the Jumping Spider! (a.k.a Salticidae) I have to admit, I’m being a bit subjective here, because there haven’t been any spider beauty contests yet.

This little spider disprove the stereotype about spiders being ugly and scary (anyone with arachnophobia here?).

Jumpers beauty secret is his 8 big eyes, and besides looking very cute, this little creature is also a very curious one.

I’m giving lots of bamboo leaves for macro photographers – without them, we couldn’t see these incredible macro photos, and now let’s jump to the photos.

(Bamboo leaf for teejaybee via:

Jumper can jump 20 to 60 or even 75 to 80 times the length of its body.

Habronattus coecatus – Adult male Jumping Spider Hiding in Leaves

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

It belongs to the largest family of spiders with about 13% of all species.

Female Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Jumping spiders have a superb vision which is better than any other kind of spider. With his eight eyes a jumper can see in almost every direction at once and is often regarded as nature’s best stalkers – as good as lions and tigers.

Pelegrina pervaga – Adult Male Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Just before it jumps, it tethers a filament of silk to whatever it is standing on. Should it fall for one reason or another, it climbs back up the silk tether.

Asianellus (=Phlegra) festivus

(Bamboo leaf for Lukjonis via:

They are generally diurnal, active hunters.

Adult Female Jumping Spider – Phidippus audax

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Phidippus clarus – Female

(Bamboo leaf for platycryptus via:

Phidippus otiosus

(Bamboo leaf for cotinis via:

Adult Male Hentzia palmarum Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Unidentified Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for kevincollins123 via:

In contrast to other arachnids, the jumping spider is regarded as inquisitive as it is seemingly interested in whatever approaches it.

Sitticus fasciger Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Adult male Paraphidippus aurantius Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Jumping spiders are known for their curiosity. If approached by a human hand, instead of scuttling away to safety as most spiders do, the jumping spider will usually leap and turn to face the hand. Further approach may result in the spider jumping backwards while still eyeing the hand. The tiny creature will even raise its forelimbs and hold its ground. It might even jump on the hand.

Adult Female Jumping Spider – Phidippus mystaceus

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via:

Unidentified Jumper

(Bamboo leaf for David Panevin via:

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What do you think?

  • theDesigner

    These are amazingly beautiful creatures.

  • Jen

    What cute spiders! They look like little monsters out of a fantasy world!

  • David

    Yeah – these are absolutely amazing! And beautiful photography as well. Thanks for sharing them! I used to rear some of these spiders years ago, and those eyes always get me – especially when they stare at you. Like cuttlefish, there almost seems to be something going on behind those eyes! A very strong sense of awareness.

  • http://www.//, Shawn Paul Boike

    This Gives US meaning to the only thing to Fear is Fear Itself!

  • Ima Sori

    I’m sorry, but those are still gross and deserved to be smooshed.

  • Taylor

    Ima, it’s thanks to spiders that the entire world isn’t affected by malaria. Many of the harmful bugs that carry diseases and parasites are eaten by spiders, making them very precious hunters to humankind. More people die every day of malaria, which is carried by mosquitoes than in an entire year by spider bites. Spiders eat mosquitoes. Reason enough to save the spiders? I think so. You may not like to look at them, but for heaven’s sake let them live so they can help us live too.

  • Steve

    So I see the 4 eyes in front but where are the other 4?

  • http://stumbleupon BadNewz

    man i hate those things aaggh!!!

  • Rico

    @ Steve

    You can see them most clearly on the 3rd pic from the bottom.

    One pair is very small behind the large four eyes up front, and the last pair is near the back of the head.

    I love jumping spiders. Their behavior is so intriguing, and they’re built like finely tuned robots….

  • http://bimbó Nényi


  • tsad

    I can’t believe they didn’t include the peacock spider – winner by far!!

  • Arachna-Hell No

    Those are not beautiful creatures. They are arachnids with glassy vacant eyes. I will not dispute the beauty of macro photography, but these spiders are just spiders. They have eight legs and they eat insects. They would have no qualms about laying eggs in your urethra or some other cavity if they got the chance.

    • John J. Peloquin

      They don’t lay their eggs in other animals. They spin a silk cocoon and many spiders protect their eggs.

      • Mvseverance

        The (incredibly false) belief that spiders lay their eggs in people and animals is unfortunately very common. :/

  • Raven Storm

    Spiders don’t lay eggs in the bodies of other living things. Spiders lay eggs inside a sheet of tough silk which is attached to their webs that are guarded by females. Some also carry the sacks with them until they hatch.


    Also, bottlenosed dolphins. Cute? Yes. Another little fact is that males will travel in pods and corner a female to rape. They also have no qualms with engaging in sexual acts with humans either :3

  • Mohammad Koubeissi

    beautiful but I still hate bugs.

  • David Hill

    It is unfortunate that some people have a negative feeling about these incredible animals. They are really very similar to other Bilateria in most ways, from the use of HOX genes to lay out the anterior-posterior body pattern, to their use of opsins in vision. On the other hand, they are wonderfully miniaturized creatures when compared to vertebrates, and the structure of even a single seta on these spiders is a thing of beauty and symmetry. Every school group that I have introduced to them has come away, to a person, with a greater respect and interest. Some send me pictures that they have drawn. One wrote “I didn’t know that spiders could be so cool.” The neat thing about salticids is that it is so easy to discern their use of information as they actively move about. Just yesterday I was watching an adult male Thiodina sylvana take 25 cm jumps (not horizontal!) to reach sighted leaves, as it moved through vegetation in search of females. In fact, the best way to find a female of this species is to follow a male looking for one. Like humans, they turn to face objects that they look at. These diurnal creatures are terrific subjects for the study of behavior.

    Some people are queasy about the ‘eight-leggedness’ of these animals. To children, I point out that we humans have 20 segmented appendages out at the ends of our 4 main appendages. Strange perhaps to think about, but once you think of the ‘strangeness’ of our own life form you have a better chance of appreciating a diversity of forms and solutions.

    Curiously, as those who pursue the graduate study of spiders usually learn, ‘arachnophobia’ is just as prevalent among zoologists as it is in the general population. Fortunately, anyone can learn the art of objective observation, and the many rewards that it brings to the inquiring mind.

  • mike

    Wow, amazing photos! They are some really fantastic shots, I don’t think I have ever seen such good detailed photos of spiders up close. Great camera work.

  • Miffy

    Nope, arachnophobia still present! Eep!

  • http://MSN rita


  • plan

    even the fly looks beautiful with all those added effects.. its still a creepy crawler! ew!

  • even

    @ rita : how do you feed them ?
    These spiders have restored my faith in God :D

  • nostradumbass

    Oh dear Arachna, what a most ignorant statement you make…

    Raven Storm and David Hill, kudos on commentary, there are not enough people who appreciate these amazing creatures – David, from the sound of it, you have made rather a life’s work from these little beasties – it’s a shame you aren’t able to educate enough people to appreciate the pivotal role they have in the cycle of life.

    Nice point also about the seemingly angelic dolphins and their rather brutal secret lives, similar to the cannibalistic tendencies of primates, notably chimps…

  • http://gmail Eve

    Older Scottish people do not kill spiders, simply because it is said , that when Robert The Bruce was imprisoned by the English, he watched a spider climb the wall of his dungeon, fall and climb several times, hence the saying ‘ if at first you don’t succeed, try try again’. these particular spiders are the most colorful I’ve ever seen, and I’m glad they’re still around, and perhaps they might be descendants of those who showed Robert how to escape from his prison…

  • Synesthesia

    Those things are really cute. One time I saw a jumping spider and was playing with it by moving my hand in front of it and it followed my hand. I’m a sucker for things with big cute eyes.

    Also, you must mention Happy face spiders.
    They have a smily face on their butt.

  • buslady

    Arachna: you are seriously uneducated about spiders.

    Jumpers are awesome!!!

  • jodie

    I hate spiders. I abhor all insects. Childhood trauma.. You know..

    But spiders freak me out the most. I’m so glad I have a cat that eats them if they somehow make their way into my apartment.

  • Glen Smith

    We have some absolutely gorgeous spcemins of Daddy Long Legs Spider (Pholcus Phalangioides according to Wikipedia, also known as the Cellar Spider) at my house, particularly up around the cornice in the bathroom. Frequently I have to pick one of them up off my shower stall’s floor with a piece of old cardboard I have since purposefully left lying around for the job before having a shower because they seem to like it down there for some reason (they may be drinking the leftover shower water). I absolutely love them and whilst my mother doesn’t particularly like them (she’d prefer it if I put them outside), as long as I don’t make a big deal out of them she tends to forget about them, meaning they stay in the house and so I get to watch them go about their buisness…

  • Kelly Burningham

    Last summer I was sitting on my deck and one jumped towards me and onto me, every time I tried to brush it away it’d jump onto my other hand and up closer towards me. They are both kind of scary and kind of cute, but are also aggressive stalkers and are truly amazing little spiders.

  • zompie

    Can’t unseee, the four eyes look like two eyes and two giant nostrils.

    • Phil

      Crap, why did I tried to see through your eyes…

  • Kylesmithphotography82

    Amazing shots. I started doing macro photography of spiders lately. Love all the Jumpign spider species.

    Dimorphic Jumping Spider, Maevia inclemens

    wolf spider

  • Mvseverance

    Dear arachnophobes: you do realize that most spiders’ fangs are too weak and small to actually hurt or poison anyone, correct?

    I mean, I still keep my distance from spiders in the wild, just as I would any other wild animal, but I don’t find pictures of spiders to be any more heartattack-inducing than pictures of mountain lions.

    Also, I always marvel at the fact that people are squemish about spiders having eight legs, but not at octopi.

  • Anonymous

    Its interesting the topic is “beautiful” spiders. Now i’m not one who has any interest in insects or creepy crawlies of any sorts but i’m not the kind to get freaked out either. However i DO see the “beauty” aspect that was meant by the author.
    The spiders in a way of their own do have this beauty..God given, two sided. They are insects that come with the approach or mind set for most people that this is a species most humans are either afraid of or do not like. yet the beauty that was captured here is true. nice collection.

  • ColdFusion

    I used to be afraid of all arachnids until I met a jumping spider in person. Here I was losing my temper at the spoooooky bug for taking my seat, but it just tilted its fuzzy little head and stared at me with its big curious eyes until I realized I was the one being unreasonable. Quite a humbling experience!

  • greg

    Fear is causes as you learn to fear from others (parents, teachers etc) If you learn and know how things are really you will have no fear and probably become familiar. how about not only jumpers … lets say aresus sandaliatus check the lady bird spider or velvet spider

  • Jenna

    Why are they like all JUMPING SPIDERS

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