Whether animals truly have romantic feelings for each other is uncertain, but one look at these wonderful couples from the animal kingdom and the way they look at each other will make you a believer!

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If you look closely at these animal couples, you'll see them hugging, flirting or kissing each other - just like people in love.

These adorable photos are beautiful evidence of romantic animal attractions – and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Submit your pictures of lovely animal couples and let’s prove that true animal love exists! Don't forget to vote for your favorites too, and share these images with your significant other as well ;)

#2 Hug


imgur.com Report

TeresaButkiewicz 2 years ago

Pawlaki w reinkarnacji

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#4 Cute Mice Cuddling

Cute Mice Cuddling

Miroslav Hlavko Report

NaomiScott 2 years ago

Safe to say they are the cutest mice I've ever seen!

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#6 Foxes In Love

Foxes In Love

Ivan Kislov Report

CrackrJax 2 years ago

Hahah I'm not sure if this love is reciprocated .... ;)

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#7 Sea Otters Holding Hands

Sea Otters Holding Hands

Joe Robertson Report

2 years ago

They do this so they don't float away from each other while sleeping.

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#8 Kitty Love

Kitty Love

sabahat-m Report

HazelMaeBarbero 1 year ago

It sucks being the third wheel. LOL

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#9 Owls Kissing

Owls Kissing

Mark Bridger Report

ShaudaySmith 2 years ago

one is passing a grub to the other. in owl world, far more romantic than a kiss. :)

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#10 Parrot Couple

Parrot Couple

Kitty Bern Report

JohanneLepage 2 years ago

Passionnément amoureux!

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#11 Cute Squirrels Whispering Sweet Nothings

Cute Squirrels Whispering Sweet Nothings

Raymond Lee Report

LauraArbour 2 years ago

Happy Valentines Day everyone

#12 Care And Affection...

Care And Affection...


VikiBanaszak 2 years ago

I do love those ear tufts!

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#13 Pigeons In Paris

Pigeons In Paris

Pamela Ross Report

Bobcatthing 2 years ago

ooooh lala love is in the air :D

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#14 Deer Couple

Deer Couple

Stanley Yuu Report

P.BruxFHell 2 years ago

Doe's like "nope, I'm a lady!"

#19 Sleeping Pig Couple

Sleeping Pig Couple

Diane Deaton Street Report

xav 2 days ago

exactly. not your dinner or whatever. vegan af

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#20 Lowland Gorillas

Lowland Gorillas

Richard Conde Report

Debs 1 year ago

I don't care... You're still not having it!!!!

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