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20 Bizarre Dog Hairdos

My first reaction when I saw these weird dog hairdos was – wow, this is awesome!

But then the second thought came to me – this is awesome just for us, but how about those little guys from the animal kingdom? You know, panda (me) is one of them, so I’m really concerned.

And are these haircuts weird, or is it otherwise – people who do these haircuts are the biggest weirdoes?

And what do the owners say?

“For those who are overly concerned about the dogs emotions. Cindy loves the attention. She will prance around and expects your attention. This is a Creative Grooming Contest and Cindy will look like this for only a few hours. After the contest Cindy will be shaved.” (

Sandra says that she would not do the competitions if Cindy didn’t enjoy them and says the pampered poodle enjoys being in the limelight more than her owner. “Cindy loves it – I wouldn’t do the contests if she didn’t enjoy it but she knows its her job”

And Ren NETHERLAND, who is exclusive photographer for creative grooming contests, thinks the last thing the owners are after is money. “In creative grooming shows the maximum prize is about $1000 (~£611) so you couldn’t earn a living from it”

Sounds pretty convincing to me. Now bored panda can sleep well again.

Well, enjoy this list of 20 strangest dog hairdos on the net.



NO, although it looks just like me! But don’t be deceived, it’s not me! It’s not even a panda, it’s a dog.

Pirates of the Caribbean hero Jack Sparrow


Did you know, that  it takes only 2 hours for the creative groomers to carve their masterpieces of out of dog’s coats?





It might look like one, but you should try to ride one.



Probably, my favorite one.

American football player


Or maybe, this one is actually my favorite one, not sure :)



Cindy as American Flag


The artistic owners are almost entirely women.



Did you know, that in several states in America it is illegal to permanently dye a dog’s coat?

Cindy as a pretty Painting


Don’t worry, it’s just a powdered paint sprayed on using blow pens which are non permanent.

Cindy as a Peacock


Why go to the zoo, when you have Cindy?

Cindy as a snail?


Cindy as a Camel


I wonder if Cindy could stay long without water now?

Cindy as a chicken for Barleigh Creative Grooming


Cindy as a Dragon


Cindy as Ninja Turtle-Leonardoodle


Taking creative grooming to the whole new level :)

And some more funny dog haircuts

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  • weasel

    Poor dogs ..

  • kathy

    These people love thier pets. Weasle, join the SPCA. They have the poor dogs. Get a life. How about the dogs that are dropped off at the SPCA because people are moving. If you move, do you leave your kid behind? Why do people think it is okay just to get rid of their dog or cat? Find a place that takes animals. These people shouldn’t be allowed to have another pet. How about the people who drive to the country to drop off their pets. ON A 45 MILE AN HOUR ROAD!!!!!!!!!
    They figure these people have country property, they will feed and take it in. Actually, all it does is inconveince us, because we have to find a home for the little guy. I just did it again last week. Dog was in horrible shape, full of fleas and I could tell this one broke away from its owners. It was obviously tied up and left outside and I made up my mind even if these people came and asked if I had seen it, I would tell them, “no”. I found the dog a loving home where it will be fed and loved and live in the house with a sweet 9 year old girl who fell in love with the dog. She was a very sweet loving dog and all she wanted was love. My boyfiend said if I still had it on Thursday when he came back we were keeping it. I told him no, we have our Yorkie and I don’t want to interfer with our normal life. I have seen that happen way to often. Anyway, these people who dump their dogs don’t realize they left them to fend for themselves because most of the time, the dogs are so frightened, the average person can’t catch them. They run and sometimes run right into an on coming car. So, weasel, “poor dogs” that get groomed and loved?? I think not. They are truley loved and their owners spend a lot of time, “one on one” time with their companions. So, voluteer at the SPCA and go see the “poor dogs”

  • Mal

    Anyone get the impression that Cindy the dog is silently saying ‘Dammit lady, I’m a dog, not a menagerie!’

  • Allison

    So Kathy, do you feel that every kid should eat his or her vegetables because there are starving kids in Indo-China? Is no one allowed to complain about anything ever again because there are people who have a rougher life?

    No one can dispute that there are mistreated and unloved animals in the world. But do you seriously think that a dog ENJOYS having that done to them? How can you think it’s right for a pet owner to treat their animal as a decoration? Just something cute to look at that may elicit a few giggles? When I saw the photos (especially of the poodle/s) I thought “are you kidding me? THOSE POOR DOGS” because they can’t tell their owner to knock it off. Just because an animal is well-fed and loved doesn’t mean that they’re happy. Hell–look at any case of hoarding! All the good intentions of the world don’t mean anything if the animals aren’t happy.

  • Amanda

    I work as a dog groomer, and although I’ve never competed as a creative groomer, I’ve known people who have. The dogs aren’t abused in any way, and they do enjoy the grooming. Their body language will tell you so.

    The fur on a poodle will mat or cord if not brushed at least once a day or shaved off. The fur is simply trimmed and shaped and has some dye, usually spray-on, applied to it. The grooming competetions allot only one to three hours to trim your dog, which must be allowed to grow without trimming for at least six weeks before entering the competition. Any dog with mats or tangles before beginning is automatically disqualified. Most pet grooming sessions last longer than is allowed for the trimming and shaping of these dogs’ hair, and most pets walk into grooming parlors with mats on them. I fail to see how this is cruel when grooming in general is not.

  • kathy

    Hi Amanda!
    In my note above, I failed to indicate that I am a dog groomer as well. Personally I didn’t think it was necessary to indicate that. I was kind of mad, that so many people think it is cruel to have a little fun with their pets. I ended up going off on the cruel people who toss out their pets. That is like saying, dog agilitly is mean because they work their dogs to death. The dogs love the attention and are loved. Whether it be a sport, hobby, or for show, these people love their pets and what they do. Just like horse shows, ect……As for Allisons remarks, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Not sure why she went off on hoarding. Who says the animals aren’t happy? Then she says,” just because an amimal is well fed and loved doesn’t mean they’re happy?? I know that is the way to a mans heart, why not a dogs?? Why Allison thinks well fed and loved doesn’t make a dog happy is beyond me. Maybe throw them a ball. However, Amanda, I see you get it! Personally, I and I am sure you have as well, seen my share of abused and unloved pets. I have had some come in where I wanted to call animal control. I just bite my tongue and say, well at least they finally are helping the dog and or cat. So Again, Allison, I say you should save your “POOR DOGS” comment for the people who are cruel to their pets. Maybe because you don’t understand the profession of grooming, you can’t appreciate the talent and love that goes into these talented ladies, and some men. It is truly an art, and the dogs do strut around like princesses and princes. I

  • Philomena


  • Philomena

    Allison, you seem to be the only one with some sense here… Thanx for your smart comments… these “groomers” are going to hell, and I hope there are plenty of dogs to make them ‘look pretty and enjoy it’
    S-T-U-P-I-D I-D-I-O-T-S

  • kathy

    So, Philomena: I guess your thinking Halloween and dressing up your kids is stupid as well. I am guessing you think dressing up for Halloween is, “Child Abuse”. Get a grip. It is not any different. You have children?? Bet you sent a family member a picture of your kids dressed up for the day. Maybe they had a contest??? Shall we puke on you because you dressed your kid up?? Get a life. Again, I say, pick on the people who are neglecting their pets. You and Allison need to think about the crap your getting off on and step back and see the real problem. As far as groomers going to hell. You have some serious issues. Sounds like you need therapy. Perhaps you should take up dog grooming. I find all the kisses I get from the pets are rewarding. I seriously doubt dog groomers will go to hell because hell is full of ignorant people like you.

  • Philomena

    Yes, I have kids, none of your beeswax though!
    Perhaps in many ways, but I’m not the one posting pictures of my dog in ridiculous human imposed poses in tacky colors and UGLY bad photography! Your pictures say it all! LOL!
    Talk about serious issues!
    I rest my case…

  • kathy

    Enough said. Everybody has their own opinion. Not understanding the professional grooming industry, I understand you lack the appreciation of the talent of these groomers. However, what these groomers do, is not animal abuse. PS: Those aren’t my pictures. I have to admit, some groomers have wild imaginations. One year, I saw a Standard poodle as My Little Pony. The artistic abilitly of that goomer and use of colors was just as amazing, just as the toy looked. All the soft pastels ect…I have a picture of that dog and if you could see that one, you would just think that was a work of art. Some of the artisits eyes are a bit more than I like, but it is art. Not everyone likes the same artwork. Hopefully I opened your eyes to the fact these groomers do love their dogs and it is not animal abuse. Not grooming, feeding, taking your dog to the vet, that is animal abuse. People who beat their dogs and train them to attack cats, other dogs, ect…..
    Have a good day.

  • Term

    poor little dog

  • Khm

    This is not normal.

  • Must Love Dogs

    Poor poor dogs. I feel so bad for them…and they cannot even verbalize how much they hate it. The owners should be ashamed. I would never do such a thing. I love my dogs natural.

  • Shannon

    They are dogs . Not camels or fairies or rainbows. And dying their coats these really bright, pigmented colors which probably have a lot of chemicals in them is probably not good for their coat or skin. Poor dogs :(

  • Mari

    this woman should be shot. I hope that dog eats her. Poor dog.

  • lindsay

    all of you that think this is cruel are retarded. they use non-permanent dye or chalk, or vegetable dyes. poodles in particular love the attention and love being doted upon. they prance around very proud of themselves due to the attention they get. i am also a groomer, and believe that you should not judge these people (like cindy’s mom/owner) unless you are very well informed on the situation. shut up, sit down, and take a fukn xanax. if cindy hated it so much, she would not stand there so proudly. in the american flag one you can see how happy she is.

  • Anon

    relax people. these pictures are obviously photo shopped. I can tell by the pixels and having seen quite a few shops in my time.

  • veronika

    while i do not think it is photoshop or animal abuse, i do not think the dogs actually ENJOY being painted on. i think that although we should groom our pets (as they do in the nature- or did hundreds of years ago) they should not be treated in any artificial ways. i have volunteered as a dog groomer and i always strongly disaprooved of doing anything that wouldn’t be done in the nature by the dog, unless of course, the dog has special needs. anyways, as i said, while i do not think it is particularly cruel, the dogs do not look comfortable, judging by the “body language” suggested by lindsay.

  • Taco

    Wow, people need to really settle down. O_o You’re going around screaming that this is animal abuse and the owner should be shot? Take a deep breath and get over it. There are far FAR more terrible things I can think of an animal going through, so waste your breath (er typing?) on that.

    Cripes lol. You don’t even know, maybe the dog actually does like it.

  • nowaywouldibecindy

    Cindy’s life is a living hell. Just because she had the misfortune to be born a poodle and to have an obsessive nitwit as jailmaestro

  • Vess

    That is freaky, animals are not toys!

  • Chrissy

    I saw a show on TLC about a dog grooming competition and Cindy and her owner were in it. We got to see how she groomed her dogs. For the camel one, she used blowpens for the details and she actually used Elmer’s glue to stick the left over fur into a hump.

  • Art Vandelay

    This is not animal abuse. It’s a cut (grooming) and colour.

    Want some examples of animal abuse?

    Being used as an ashtray, ie: cigarettes being put out on their skin.
    Tail docking.
    Ear cropping.

    I could go on. But I really do not wish to dwell on this subject any further.

    Good day to you.

  • George

    ninja turtle?
    F*ck you!

  • justme

    poooooor CINDY lols

  • Elizabeth Rostron

    This is not funny at all, the poor dogs. Leave them alone to enjoy their lives.

  • Maria Domingue

    This is not animal cruelty…cindy probably doesn’t even care what colour her hair is! You guys need to chill..

    • jellysharks

      Yes, thank you for saying that. :-)

  • starlight

    Poor dogs! I bet if they could talk I bet they be like what the heck dude!!!!!!!

  • CreativeGroomer969

    It’s just amazing how little people know about grooming. This is creative and the dogs love it. I’m a groomer and I get alot of dogs that can’t wait to get shaved so this is not animal cruelty. What I think is animal cruelty is when people don’t even take the time to brush their dog once in a while. Matting hurts pets period. Built up eye boogies, long nails and hairy ears cause many health problems. Many days I come in and people that “love their pets” have let them just go. They are matted, Stink horibly, and can barely walk because of their nails. Now that is cruelty.
    Honestly, any part of grooming can stress any dog out but you cant just let them become a mess. They need it more than you think.

  • jellysharks

    :-) , Cindy looks like she would rather be playing fetch, :-) .

  • jellysharks

    I wouldent mind, thanx u, but poodles like being groomed like that.

  • jellysharks

    I am sorry to break this to you but the dogs love it, so stop waisting your time commenting when you are saying its animal cruelty (when its not).
    Thank you for your time, jellysharks xxx

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