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Stunning Self-Portraits by a 14-year-old Photographer

Being 14 years old is the time when we are still fully entitled to be careless and unburdened, but 14-year-old Zev from Natick, Massachusetts will make you feel that you could’ve done more at that age. This teenager, now better known by his nickname ‘fiddle oak’, has already become an internet sensation thanks to his ‘Little Folk’ photo series that go way beyond his age in ideas and technique.

Fiddle oak says he’s been into photography since he was 8, and today he works together with his 17-year-old sister Nellie, taking pictures with a camera he calls Betsy. Usually he makes himself miniature in these self-portraits, ending up at a height of the grass or a playing card. This artistic decision stresses the feeling of fragility that we get while in the transition from childhood into life that’s still unknown to us. Zev’s portraits seem to still have something fairytale-like in them, but you can notice hints of questions and confusion that must be going on in boy’s life.

Keep an eye on this young talent, as his work today is not only impressive but also promising. Can you remember yourself at the age of 14?

Website:, flickr via: DeMilked

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  • Algirdas Stockunas via Facebook

    The last one is my favorite;)

  • Merja Anneli Kouki via Facebook

    awesome !!!!!!

  • Amy E. Cooper via Facebook

    These are great!

  • Bedarumica Photographers via Facebook

    :D great!

  • Julie Peck via Facebook

    Yes, stunning.

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  • Sarah Woldrich via Facebook

    sooo talented (:

  • Janya Lim via Facebook

    amazing work!

  • Anne-Christin Rosenow via Facebook

    he is going to be one of the good ones ;-)

  • Lani Pratt via Facebook

    they are lovely photomanipulations and lovely artwork.

  • Sandy Nunn via Facebook

    talented young man!

  • Jo Pickard via Facebook


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  • Cindy Jacobson

    What a fantastic imagination and so well done. Very impressive!

  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    This is truly incredible! Wow.

  • Javier Costa via Facebook

    Ariel Costa Romano

  • Annette Picard via Facebook

    Beautiful, touching, another artist…

  • Lillian Hugelmeyer via Facebook

    Those pictures are brilliantly composed!

  • Simone Theile via Facebook

    Nice picture!!

  • Darina Stefancova via Facebook

    Wow! it is..

  • BedCrunch .

    Some day, someone will write a story to link all of them. I might be the one. :)

  • Leslie Macy-Madrigal via Facebook


  • Olga Kassoti via Facebook

    what a creative and talented young photographer!!!!

  • Daniel Benhaim via Facebook

    he believes he can fly…lalala..

  • Sheila Fowler via Facebook

    so cool

  • Katybel Burns Taylor via Facebook

    wow is right. Get into that Photo shop!

  • Karen Strauss via Facebook

    Incredible!! What a talent!


    These are amazing. Such talent! I hope he has an exhibition that comes to Sydney soon!

  • Mark White via Facebook

    Already a master artist

  • Ariel Costa Romano via Facebook


  • Tina Gepte via Facebook


  • Annie Elansary via Facebook

    these are wondeful

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  • Lisa O’Hara via Facebook

    His photos are really magical!

  • es

    Excellent!! So imaginative. I hope he’ll always find people who encourage and support his wonderful talent. The arts can be such a struggle without that.

  • Andrea Lee via Facebook

    These are wonderful!!

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  • aaaaa


  • Charles Adrian Bowyer via Facebook

    This is wonderful stuff, Liz!.. x

  • Cubby

    Love this “micro world” of fantasy. Just find people’s imagination so inspiring. I want to be in this world too!

  • Nikki Johnson

    How did you do it – amazing!

  • Butiti Satubig


  • Gregory Magid

    Good for him :)

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