As an adult, have you ever wondered which personality character your favorite vegetable would be? A drunk, a stoner or just downright tired from life? My name is Amy Slatem and I’m a South African illustrator who will give you the A-Z.

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A for Archie the alcoholic artichoke

B for Belinda the busty beetroot

C for Chris the cool cucumber

D for Deon the dorky daikon

E for Eric the energetic eggplant

F for Fran the funny fennel

G for Gary the goth garlic

H for Harry the hungry hubbard squash

I for Ivan the impatient iceberg lettuce

J for Jess the jealous jicama

K for Kerry the kind kohlrabi

L for Lary the lazy leek

M for Marvin the magic mushroom

N for Nadia the nudist nut

O for Oscar the optimistic onion

P for Perla the pedigree pepper

Q for Quinn the quiet quince

R for Rodney the rude radish

S for Sam the stoner spinach

T for Thomas the tired tomato

U for Urma the unconscious unicorn

V for Virgil the vampire vegetable oil

W for Walter the wealthy wasabi

Y for Yvonne the young yam

Z for Zara the zen zucchini