I was already volunteering for San Antonio Pets Alive when Covid-19 shut down my in-person work in March of 2020, but I had no clue just how involved I would get with foster kittens over the next few months. From March to June, I took in over twenty foster kittens, nursing them back to health and finding them homes. I didn’t know at the time, but two of these babies were destined to end up with me forever.

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Sundae was around two weeks old when she came home with me, and she literally fit in the palm of my hand

She was congested, anemic, and exhausted. I had to feed her with a syringe

From the moment she arrived, she also insisted on never leaving my lap

If I put her in her bin, she would scream bloody murder until I picked her up and held her. This led to the nickname “Baby Yoda” because I had to carry her everywhere I went. I had to teach virtual school with this little one by my side. She was a good little assistant.

I made her a Star Wars blanket to go with her nickname

As she started feeling better, she grew more independent and learned to play with toys

I introduced her to some other foster kittens and she made lots of friends.

Around that time, a trio of kittens arrived in need of some TLC for eye infections: Sherbet and her two brothers

Sherbet was playful, spunky, curious… the complete opposite of Sundae’s very chill personality

But the two became fast friends

At this point, my older cat and I had already fallen in love with Sundae and I made the decision to keep her

It would be painful to separate these two friends, but I couldn’t see having three cats

I put Sherbet and her two brothers up for adoption

The brothers were quickly taken in by a loving couple who had lost their two senior kitties. Sherbet, now up for adoption as a solo kitty, received her first adoption application a few days later.

My heart sank into my stomach, but I wrote the potential adopter and asked them to come to meet Sherbet… they never responded

I took a deep breath and removed her from the website.

I just couldn’t separate them

It seemed we were to become a family of four (that’s big brother Gelato in the back)

Now, Sherbet and Sundae join me as RV cats in my remodeled RV

That’s Sundae’s surgery suit. She’d just been spayed.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to keep them both