Love traveling? Love fashion? The perfect fusion of the two? Are you ready to see the fashion designs made SPECIFICALLY to match amazing locations in Turkey?

I was always so excited to go to Turkey. It was a dream for a long time. I had only a few days before the trip to whip up an itinerary, book places to stay, flights, etc. AND to make outfits to match. Of course, I could have just skipped the handmade outfits for this trip; there was too little time, I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in ages, a million excuses….but I decided it was worth the rush. Turkey was too epic to miss out on amazing pictures with handmade items. I might never get to go again. I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. And so the scramble began.

Well, there was certainly no time to go fabric shopping, but fortunately, I always have a little stash of fabrics. Thrift store finds, gifts from friends, pieces I picked up here and there. I searched on Pinterest all the places that I would be visiting (Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya), made a mental note of color schemes, and then went “fabric shopping” at home. Rummaging through my piles of fabric, I found three that, in my mind, would match Turkey perfectly. Bright colors, prints, florals, blues, and reds.

Then I picked three locations that I thought were the most epic. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Cappadocia (with all the hot air balloons!). Pamukkale (beautiful blue and white thermal pools). I looked at my three fabrics, matched them to location, and began!

And here are the results!!! (At least some of them) All of the pictures turned out EXACTLY how I imagined them. The locations were incredible. And now I have some more amazing pieces to add to my wardrobe! Maybe one day to sell as well!

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Outfit #1 – Striped 70s pants for the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Outfit #2 – Teal Maxi Dress (form fitted) for Pamukkale

Outfit #3 – Red Rose Dress for Cappadocia (hot air balloons)

The three fabrics chosen for my Turkey outfits

I made my own pattern for these 70s style pants

Cut out all the pieces

The finished result!

Perfect match for the famous lanterns at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul!

Cutting out the fabric for my dress for Pamukkale

The white snow-like background was the perfect backdrop

The back of the handmade dress

Perfect blue to compliment the stunning waters of Pamukkale

Beautiful rose fabric for the summer dress in Cappadocia

Cutting out the pieces for the dress

LOTS of work later, the finish result looked perfect!

The perfect, dreamy colors for this amazing place!

Hot air balloons behind me, in my handmade dress, a dream come true