I have always been a curious person, and as a child I spent most of the time with my nose inches above the ground tracking and observing little insects and animals. Their miniature world always fascinated me.

In this wonderland I tried to reveal a different side of the tiny creatures who came to visit me and my garden plants, and mainly to personify them. All the photos were shot in a miniature studio on my kitchen table. I did’t use any digital manipulations and took a simple low-tech approach using artificial lighting and household objects, from vegetables and colored plastic bags to a water spray bottle.

None of the tiny models were hurt during the process and they were rewarded with sugar cubes and awesome pictures to show to their friends.

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Make Slime Not War

Snails are the most romantic creatures I know. And they’re hermaphrodites!


The Celestial Conductor

A praying mantis conducting a tiny orchestra. The magical background is a lemon leaf.

Smile Like You Mean It

A very happy house Gecko.

The Emperor

Tickle Me

A Snail and a roly-poly.



Life Inside A Snow-Globe

Down The Rabbit Hole

Red Planet Evolution

Broccoli, healthy and photogenic!

Sunrise Friends