When you work in a coffee shop, you usually make the same latte art — rosettas and hearts. One day a friend started drawing bears and frogs on hot chocolate. She convinced me to give it a try, so I tried drawing a bear. It was pretty primitive but I kept at it.

I’ve been drawing on drinks for the past 4 years and have since perfected my craft. You need a marriage of the perfect espresso and microfoam in order to get the right contrast and bring out the little details. With all drawings I begin by pouring milk into a shot of espresso. I use a spoon to manipulate the foam into the shape of what I want to draw. Then, with chocolate, I draw in the outlines and little details.

Each drink takes about 3-5 minutes to make from shot to finish. The reaction on customer’s faces are the most rewarding part of my job. A lot of people become regulars and it pushes me to do different designs and to do better.

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