Hello! My name is Anna and I am a sculptor from Ukraine. As well as the owner of Panterius workshop. I was engaged in drawing almost my whole life but some time ago, I decided to try sculpting because I found it interesting that you can make any desired shape by yourself. I never studied drawing and sculpture so I learned everything myself from the internet and literature.

I started modeling in 2014. For the first year, I was searching for materials suitable for me and studying modeling techniques. And then, the next year, I started making the actual figures. I am very much fixated on working out the details so it takes me about 2 months to make them. I constantly learn new techniques and improve my skills because I want to make my works perfect and realistic.

One of my biggest passion is sculpting animals. Feathers and fur are one of the most favorite stages in sculpting but it’s also very time consuming since each fur piece is molded separately and manually. I use various materials for sculpting: velvet clay, wire, foil, thread, lead, acrylic, varnish.

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Anzu the Raven God


Might of the Grizzlemaw (Druid appearance)

Claws of Ursoc (Druid appearance)

Fallen to Nightmare (Druid appearance)

Ursoc (Cursed Bear God)

Minor Cache of the Aspects

I sculpt fur