Hi! I’m a seventh-grade student at Walnut Hills High School. On the 13th of September, a 12th-grade student committed suicide. To help prevent this, the Be Happy Club covered the school in supportive post-it notes to make people feel better about themselves and to honor the student who committed suicide’s memory. Please comment your thoughts on this post, and I’m sorry that most of the pictures are blurry, but I had to take them while walking to class.

This is his Locker. Everyone who passed it wrote encouragement messages on a post-it and stuck it on his locker

Even the band lockers got decorated

Post-its were put everywhere

This is my locker row

Walnut (My school) Needs You; Be Strong As You

Walnut Needs You and Stay Strong

Be You and Be Happy; There are Even Notes on the Doors

You are amazing; You’re loved

Hallway with post-its

You’re brilliant

Smile and Spread Love

Students See Their Lockers Covered In Supportive Notes