Hi, my name is Marta – a wife and a mother raising three kids and one cat. Professionally – a teacher and tutor of hand crafts and needlework certified in embroidery, lace making, and weaving. From my earliest years I was accustomed to arts and crafts. My father was an Art Instructor, my mother used to do hand embroidery patterns, one of my grandmothers taught herself how to sew, and the other knew how to spin the wool from the sheep she was raising. As a result, there was no way my interests would go in any other direction!

Throughout my entire life I have tried a number of various hand crafts and needlework techniques getting excited each time I found something new until I eventually burned myself out and stopped doing anything. And then one day I was browsing internet and discovered that the handmade trend was having a big come back! I was reborn! I got back to needlework with big enthusiasm and a fresh look at it. From the time perspective I can tell that it is embroidery that is closest to my heart and I am very excited that I was able to find a niche product that combines ornamental needlework with handmade jewelry making. I started creating unique jewelry pieces using intricate and elaborate embroidery techniques. Each jewelry design is different and it gives me an enormous pleasure that I can combine the artistic aspect with the practical one. Most of my works of art are made in vintage style, embroidered on natural linen canvas. Occasionally I would lightly paint the linen with acrylic paint to give them a unique tint of color.

I often get creative ideas by an intriguing view or image or even a challenging phrase. My imagination then creates an art project that will be enclosed in a new cool jewelry piece. Will it be the oval or rectangular frame of a pendant? Or the square of a ring or a brooch?.. The possibilities are endless and I don’t even have an answer just yet… I just love the moment when I start embroidering without knowing what will it turn into later on… I don’t use ready templates, I don’t repeat my designs. Every piece is unique as I let my imagination run free.

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Embroidered red roses necklace

Ebroidered set pendant and ring

Embroidered red roses brooch

Embroidered landscape “On the sea” and “Alice in Wonderland” – pendants

Embroidered set: earrings and brooch

In vintage style, embroidery on linen canvas – pendants

Hand embroidered gold roses necklace

Embroidered lockets

Embroidered and hand painted lanscape necklace

Rowanberry oval pendant

Cuff bracelet

Floral, meadow embroidered necklace

Embroidery in vintage style

Rural meadow necklace

Lavender necklace, oval pendant

Cuff bracelet

Landscape pendant

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