I went to Bangkok for one reason. To eat at Jai Fai. She has been featured on various TV shows and YouTube channels. I think why it was so important to me to go was because she seemed to have retained her street food simplicity. She is one of only two Michelin star recipients that sell street food in Thailand. She doesn’t care for it much and doesn’t even display it in her restaurant.

However, the food is that good. She deserves that star. She is a fierce 70-something cook. One who still smiled and gave my kids a hug. She is a food rockstar.

This is Jan Fai, one of only two Michelin star recipients that sell street food in Thailand

She is a fierce 70-something cook, and she serves only 7 tables at a time

Only two tables are allowed to be reserved – we wrote our name down at 12, went to a nearby coffee and were seated at 2.30 when the restaurant was opened

Her kitchen. She cooks on these super hot charcoal burners

She is the only one who cooks the food. She has assistants passing her things and preparing ingedients, but the final dish is prepared solely by her

The restaurant before it opens

The staff was super friendly. No attitude detected. Even ran after me when I forgot my “doggy bag”

Preparing a tester dish before the restaurant opens. She wears the goggles to protect her eyes from the oil and smoke

The menu

Lots of people stop to take her picture. She carries on cooking regardless

Crab omelette. The dish that made her famous. It is amazing

The inside of the omelette. Stuffed with crab and deliciousness

Drunken noodles. Super spicy and amazing

These noodles are not spicy, for the kiddies

The bills. Equals to about 70 USD. This is expensive for street food. But always worth it, and the cheapest (only) Michelin star quality meal I’ll probably ever have