My name is Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo and I’m a 1981-born Spanish digital artist. I graduated in Fine Arts in 2006 and I’m currently writing my doctoral thesis on art and new technologies.

When I finished my studies in fine arts, the crisis began! I had no job and had not enough money to rent a studio or buy the necessary materials for painting. Therefore, I stopped painting for 4 years. Until a year ago, when I was given an iPad which changed my life!

With the help of this tool I do not need a studio, and I there is no need to buy any materials for creating my paintings. I still have no job, but now I feel alive!

I would like to show you my digital paintings which are painted on the iPad with my fingers. This is the result of thousands of hours of work and I hope you like it!

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Long Wait


Lynx Pardinus

Black Hole

Almost Human

Fresh Air



Old Fox


Still life

Breakfast Light

Coffee Without Gravity

The Thief



Two Gossips

Rock, Paper, Scissors



Old Master

Self Portrait