This unique art form started way back in 2001, when I unwound some broken guitar strings on a whim. They were just sitting around my room, and made a cool whirring sound when unwound with pliers. So I was left with thin wire hanging off a half-wound string. I looped the wound section into a circle, and drew a spiderweb across it with the unwound wire. I was left with my first creation, a small spiderweb pendant, and I thought a bug would look nice trapped inside. I made one with guitar-string wire and installed it within the web. The wings of the bug were just empty wire loops, so I filled in the negative space with glue, to give them a gossamer quality. Ultimately, I ended up painting the clear glue membrane with nail polish, and Voila: my unique method of stained glass-like sculpture was born. Minus the glue, this method of free hanging nail-polish, now finished with resin, is still what I use to make all of my pieces.

I’ve done hundreds of custom wedding cake toppers to date, where I’ll turn a couple’s story & personalities into a sculpture. Recently, I’ve been making functional sculptures like clocks and lamps, mainly when I need something for my own house! I’ve also been venturing into medically themed sculptures, as I am currently a 2nd year medical student in upstate NY.

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