Harry Potter (it’s really a Harriet Potter as it’s a gorgeous little girl), I’d had this idea for a while a fab lady in America makes me hats and props, this took 12 hours roughly (I don’t normally edit to this extreme).

This is a combination of about 8 different elements, so many parents nowadays grew up with the wonder of Harry Potter and love this set up. I love that as these children grow and their sense of wonder and imagination grow. Hopefully seeing themselves as fictional characters will fuel the magic of childhood wonder! And gosh don’t babies look so cute all curled up and sleepy. The time passes so so quickly.

More info: lizwoodphotography.co.uk

Harry Potter


This hanging prop I made from two very cheap hula hoops, baby of course was never actually in the hoop but edited in afterwards, baby safety really needs to come first.

Cheshire cat newborn

How lucky was I to get this smile with the Cheshire cat hat on!

Baby sunflower