I’m a 24 year old girl from southern Sweden who decided to travel alone all the way up north to capture and enjoy the beauty of the Swedish nature. It was just me and my camera (and my tripod of course!).

I wandered through valleys and climbed mountains. I got to see the northern lights dance in the sky right above my head. I drank fresh water straight from the pure rivers and watched the sun rise over mountains and lakes.

More info: naturebylouise.com

I travelled 1400 km to one of my favorite places on earth. The Swedish Lapland

Exploring beautiful waterfalls and rivers

There is just so much beauty in nature. Flowers can be as beautiful as amazing landscapes

I love to drive alone on roads like this

The northern lights over the mountains

Taking a break with a stunning view

Some northern lights in the distance with the river Abiskojokka in the foreground

I’ve got to witness a wonderful sunrise on my way to the airport

I walked miles and miles to get to this lovely place

One of the coolest places I’ve ever been to

To be a tourist in your own country is just as amazing as travel abroad! Explore your country