One day I decided my Japanese kimono would look better on the cane back chair in our living room than on myself. By taking apart the chair and hundreds of tiny staples later I was able to use the original chair fabric as a backing to the kimono fabric.

This strengthened the kimono fabric and gave the chair the extreme makeover it needed. It’s now my favorite chair in our home to date! Until the next makeover…

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Before. Love the kimono colors and patterns… I just couldn’t quite pull off the look myself!

After removing hundreds of staples and rotting horse hair from the seat cushion the frame was ready for cleaning and painting

Off white furniture spray paint helped give an even coating

Using original chair fabric as a pattern/backing to the kimono fabric

Tufting! I covered the original buttons with parts of the purple fabric from the kimono

Can’t forget the matching cording

Because the seat had been filled with rotting horse hair I completely replaced the cushion. I actually used the inside of an old accent pillow we had on our couch!


It is now our favorite chair in the house (for now)