I am an artist from Madison, Wisconsin. I draw and paint the surreal and psychedelic phantasms storming through my synapses. This is how I express beauty, pain and my version of the divine. Permutations of contour and texture are my main interest and I like to alternate between representational and abstract art.

Although I love oil painting, graphite and charcoal, and various 3D art, my favorite medium remains the trusty crow quill or brush and a jar of ink. I color most of my black and white art digitally so I can try different techniques and schemes, the final result is often done as a Giclee print or as a screen print if I need to utilize a wider variety of vibrant inks.

I use non-traditional ways to render tones by using different patterns and flowing lines rather than regular hatching, stippling, etc. I try to apply some sort of strangeness and surreality to the piece, whether it’s threatening or thoughtful or otherwise.

More info: eliquinn.storenvy.com

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