My name is Ruta and i am mom of 3 little monsters age 2, 5 and 7. And yeah, the words i was listening all the time were elsa, anna, spiderman, superman, hulk, princess sofia, batman, iron man… And you know what? I AM SICK ABOUT THAT !!!

So, i decided that’s enough and i don’t want any of them in my house and in my kid’s heads.

Everything started last year, when my daughter asked me to make a costume for her school carnival. In the beginning she was speaking about some princesses, but i show her little red riding hood and i asked what she is thinking about that. And she was so exited to find something new and she asked me to make a costume. I did it and she was the most beautiful character in her class between lots of frozens and princesses. Just for fun i add the little red riding hood cape to my shop and i never ever imagined it will become my best selling !!!

All the time since last year i was busy with my business and parenting of 3 monsters… But this year carnival came again. My 5 year old daughter came to me and said that she will be an Indian. I try to change her mind and i suggest her to be a witch. She was sure about her choice and she said that i could do witch costume for Halloween… So i made for her beautiful dress – coat with some Native American motifs and a feather headdress. A cape and a little bag. She was the happiest girl in the world!!!

My 7 year old son decided to be a clown. So we googled together some ideas. And i made for him cool costume too. He wasn’t so exited like his sister, but i think he liked his costume, because after the carnival he spent few days in it.

After it was Robin Hood…Peter Pan… and others…

The best thing about all these costumes is, that each time my kids find something new!!! Each time we try to find the book about the character. If we don’t find the book, we find something on internet about that. And i am proud to show for them that exist other heroes, other opinion, not just that one from tv or social media.

And i am so happy to see a clown in my harden sitting in the tree or little red riding hood lying on the grass. I am not saying, that all new fashioned heroes are bad. I just say, that my choice is to show for my kids clowns, characters of tales and old stories.

But don’t forget one thing, the most important is a happiness of little monsters ;)

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Clown costume

Little red riding hood cape

Dress – coat with native American motifs and feathers headdress

Robin hood costume

Robin hood hat

Peter Pan hat

Peter Pan costume

Feathers headdress

Cape and feathers headdress