Hey there! I am Vaseline from Hong Kong! (This name was given by my SFX master @garychan). I was intrigued by special effect make up and face painting since my first encounter with them in 2015. I really enjoy the creating unique makeups.

Before I found my passion in special effect make up, I was one of the students who trapped in the turmoil of the Hong Kong Education system. At that point in time, I neither had any dreams nor targets. Some students of my same age were committing suicide due to the unbearable study stress and their sense of insecurity toward their future. I felt helpless and I was confused.

But fortunately, I found my passion when I was helping out with the make up secessions during the school Halloween party in 2015. Since then, I was not satisfied with making barely bloody wounds or peeling skin. I started learning varieties of makeup styles and trying out different methods on my own.

Every make up takes approximately 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Instead of being impatient, I found it really interesting. With my in born art talent, I am capable to generate new designs and paint realistically. This boosts my confidence and allows me to develop my talent in the make up artist industry. I finally found my dream! And now, I am working really hard! YOUR SUPPORT IS UTMOST IMPORTANT! Come and follow my journey!

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SFX Makeup: Vaseline; Photographer & digital edit by: @Micheal Leung; Model: Rosanna Pang.

2016 Halloween party poster for my school union

Makeup: Vaseline; Photographer: Micheal Leung.

Having fun with my mom


SFX Makeup: Vaseline; Photographer: @Micheal Leung; Model: Helena Chan.

Old Doll

Face painting: Vaseline;
Model: Mandy Wong.

《Lovely Old Woman》 Face painting : Vaseline ; Model : 16 yrs old Maggie Yim