I have recently started a travel website and for the first destination designed specifically for the website I picked the incredible Iceland. We spent seven days traveling around the entire country. Here are a series of shots pulled from my photo journal of the road trip.

All photos taken by myself, Danielle Nourok.

More info: thewildtrekexperience.com

Counting the Rams

These little guys were huddled on the side of the roads throughout our entire journey. Here one is eating with their little one.

A Friendly Face

I retreated back to my car for this photo. He had an intense stare which remained frozen as he watched me take my pictures. Guess he was a fan.

A New Friend

Curious by the device I was holding which kept clicking every time a picture was taken, he stopped to check me out before hurrying along with his pack.

Summer in Iceland

As you may have guessed I was still adjusting to the coldness of Iceland’s summer.

Those Who Graze Together, Stay Together

As we drove across the country I kept seeing animals huddled together. They were still and not moving. Curious I got out of the car only to be knocked back by the wind. It then became clear they were huddling for warmth.

Alone on a Hill

Seen across from a gas station in Vik, Iceland. A fog descends over the mountains.

Glaciers in Fjallsárlón, Iceland

This was by far the most stunning landscape I came across in the trip. I don’t think a photo could do this location justice. This is a spot you must not miss if you are visiting.

Sunset in the Land of Fire and Ice

Catching a sunset was rare due to Iceland having little darkness during the summer. But I managed to get a glimpse of a few.

A Different Kind of Sunset

I got lucky. This sunset was particularly breathtaking because of the divide in the sky where part of the sun’s light is masked by the clouds.

Melting Away in Fjallsárlón, Iceland

As part of the ice melted it left for a shot of contrasts in Fjallsárlón, Iceland.

Black Sand Beach

Before arriving to Vik’s famous black sand beach I had assumed the majority of the beach would be sand. But I was surprised to discover a large part were little black rocks.

An Interesting Formation

As I walked across the black sand beach I looked up at the mountain which stood in front of me. Made up of rock it looked as though someone had carved away at it. Creating a stunning image where it looked like ripples of waves were frozen in time.

The Open Road

There was a certain eeriness to being alone on the open road which was covered with frozen remains of erupted lava in years past.

Up close in Fjallsárlón, Iceland

An up close look at some melting ice near the glaciers in Fjallsárlón, Iceland.

It’s cold Outside and I’m Snorkeling!

Snorkeling between the continents of North America and Europe in the below freezing water of Silfra National Park.

Streetart in Akureyri, Iceland

Setting out to find some food, I stumbled upon some beautiful graffiti.

M.I.A Reindeer

Although no Reindeers were present due to it being summer I figured I might as well get this picture since it didn’t look like I was getting any closer to finding a real one. Although they kept showing up on the menus…

Concert Hall in Reykjavík, Iceland

Here is the Harpa Concert Hall in Rekjavík, Iceland. An incredible building which reflects the light from the sky and sea. Coming from a New York City girl this definitely beats the glass apple store on 59th street.

The Blue Lagoon

I figure my photo journal wouldn’t be complete without a picture from the The Blue Lagoon. Who cares if I was risking breaking my phone?