Maddie, the rescue dog of ‘Maddie on Things’ fame, is on a road trip across America with owner Theron Humphrey and looking for friends. Maddie became famous for her ability to balance on things shortly after she was rescued, but this new series, “four by three,” is all about their life on the road in America’s back-country. Believe it or not, but the duo will be traveling by motorcycle most of the time – Maddie will be sitting in a sidecar right alongside Theron the whole time!

Humphrey describes his project’s goals on his blog: “Out on the road, I’m looking to photograph 25 unique stories focused on ladies who love motorcycles,” he writes. “This cool photo project is about having fun… We’re going to avoid those interstates and say ‘Hi’ to the small dots on the map.”

Would you be interested in meeting up with Humphrey as he travels to the US? If so, scroll down below and share the same beautiful views that Theron and his adorable dog are looking at every day from the back of their house on wheels.

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