My job as a filmmaker is to raise questions and let people come to their own conclusions.

That’s why I wrote, directed, and edited the short PSA ‘Casa de Carne’ – a film about hard choices and hidden truths. It was produced by the non-profit organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA). Set in a not-so-distant and dark future, three friends must slaughter the animals they order for dinner at a high-end restaurant. It won first place at the 2019 Animal Film Festival.

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I’d like this film to make people think and question their everyday reality. Now more than ever, we need stories that expand our circle of empathy and allow us to see the world through a more compassionate lens. It’s easy to use our differences as starting points for conflict: different race, different religion, different country… different species. And yet, we’re all sharing this planet. Our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Casa de Carne