I would like to give you a glimpse into the lives of weird creepy tall humanoids like myself. I’m 214 cm tall which is precisely 7 feet, and it’s not as good as it sounds first. I had two goals with this gallery:
1.: to entertain people
2.: my first own sewing-machine… why? You can see at my website :)

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Famme Fatale Errore

You can say women love tall men. It’s probably true, but let’s put it this way: if you are nice tall you can be Darth Vader, but if you’re weird tall, then you can only be Chewbacca. Which one would you rather be?


All my bubble baths seem a Lowecraft horror.


-Ma’am. Can you identify LongMan, the brand new vigilante hero?
-I think he’s the second one.
-From the left?

I could never be a superhero (or even a super villain). I am too easy to recognize. Before you know it, I would be caught and sentenced to a maximum security Moon prison for four thousand years. To make matters worse, every time a masked tall fella robs a bank, I’m heading to jail.


Our imaginary rockabilly band KA-113, many years (and pounds) ago.

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Office 2014

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