With long, luxurious locks and some creative hairstyling, women can create majestic, glorious beards that any lumberjack, ancient wizard or dwarven warrior would envy.

Hey lady-pandas – is your hair long enough to make a rockin' beard? If so, please share a picture with us by adding it to this list! Don't let the male hipster models and bikers have all the fun!


I Can't Believe I Did Not Think Of This Before

xcrea Report

MisbaAbbas 12 months ago

love your hair and eye colour, really pretty!

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Princess_Bob Report

PriyankaJatan 1 year ago

Woahhhh. Now any man would envy that!

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Never Felt More Lady-like

aaaasyoooouwiiiish Report

LotusBuccola 12 months ago

Reminds me of one of the dwarves from Hobbit. ROCKING!

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What A Strapping Young Lady (beard)

sehrah Report

SehrahSehrahstein 12 months ago

If you want to try this one use double sided tape, and don't be an idiot who uses glue on part of it because you WILL have to cut a chunk out of your hair and it will take aaaaaages to grow back properly....

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Beardy Inspiration

kaileeann Report

JessicaCovington 12 months ago

Love that hair color

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They Said I Should Try Something Different With My Hair

morihime Report

PriyankaJatan 1 year ago

Your beard actually looks really real. Girl, when I grow my hair- it Gonna be majestic

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I Attempted The Gimli Braided Ladybeard

sehrah Report

DrewyBlues 1 year ago

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Crusty Chic


Fear The Beard

jubblychubs Report


Knot A Beard

sd2002 Report

CAMilton 12 months ago

U r pretty!

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tonydirico Report

ahunter0079 8 months ago

Those are really good! Thanks for the chuckle.

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