Oh childhood… Our best times we so often look back to. The careless days many would like to revisit.

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What is the thing you miss most? Is there something you absolutely loved that you wish you could still do now? We want to know, share your stories here!


Honestly, the first thing that comes to my mind, is playing with all of my neighbourhood friends. The rushing back home right after the school day was over and then out again, knocking on all of your friends’ doors with a ball under your arm to see if they’re home yet. Those were good times.



Eat without worrying about the calories.


Grace Bohmer 3 months ago


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And finally: living for the day, not caring about tomorrow (in a positive, not in a careless sense).


Instant Assignment Help Australia 2 months ago



Playing LEGO!!! At the age of 20 people said to me that I was too old for that! Now I'm 28 and I have a baby, a few more years and I could play again with her! Can't wait! :)


Cat Meow 3 months ago

I believe, you're never to old to play with LEGOs.

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Pretending to be asleep in the car when we pulled into the driveway so that my Dad would carry me inside and put me to bed !


BoredBunny 3 months ago

I did this to the time I was ten.

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The belief that the world is a great place and that everything will turn out fine for all of us.


Viktoria Vida 2 months ago

I still believe in this :-)


Genuinely believing that there is still magic in the world...


Sockpuppies11 1 month ago



Climbing the trees! I was a master back then! I've stopped for a while when I encountered a beehive in one of them (it was so scary that I just jumped without looking, and I wasn't sitting on the lowest branch, of course (also, I had a lollypop in my hand so I was afraid that bees will love it)). I guess I could do it now too... But I'm not that brave anymore!


Alusair Alustriel 2 months ago

I also used to climb trees and all sorts of other climbable things. Those were the days! :D

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not being worried about what others think of me. Just being able to live without worrying about how i looked, how i acted and how i dressed. also the feeling of being free from depression. since i was 10 it hasnt ever gone away and i have been in a mental hospital for attempting suicide and cutting. 4 months clean from cutting and a year from yesterday i was admitted to the the hospital. worst week of my life.


Nadine Hughey 2 months ago

Sounds like you've made a lot of progress, wishing you the best.

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What I loved about childhood: Social media didn't exist, I wasn't a slave to my cell phone, I got to sleep in for 3 months during summer, doing whatever I wanted without a care in the world, flashlight tag, not worrying about the rejection that comes with dating, getting to play in other neighborhoods without fear of being kidnapped, exploring, building forts, climbing trees, and finally, being able to experience so many new things that I now take for granted.


Nancy E 2 months ago

I relate to all these parts of childhood. I'd add catching fireflies, fishing+ tadpole collection , stargazing lying on the grass, riding my bike all over , sledding, the school playground, doing cartwheels & backflips, exploring the woods by myself, & , feeling what I think of now as being blessed. Where I disagree with you, is social media shouldn't be a drug. Also, a cell phone need not be an extension of a person. Anything can be overused, &, when that happens, you'll lose a part of yourself. Reflection is a gift to be used.

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Never having the feeling that I have wasted my time, because I could have done something more appropriate (particularly that I should have worked or did house/garden duties instead of having leisure time).



Summer break! No school, ice cream, watermelon, sun and friends. And somebody there to make sure you drink enough and use sun-screen, providing food anytime you're hungry and a ride home (thank you, Mama)


Blue wolf 1 month ago

I liked going to Florida with my family :) we still do it, just I'm not a toddler and I can get in trouble now :P


Enjoying people and relationships that no longer exist. Enjoying my siblings before we all moved out, and started our own lives and families. Enjoying my parents before they got divorced. Solving problems by actually talking about them, instead of never talking again....


It's Caturday 3 months ago

All of these in the whole post! I miss my childhood! ;(


Naps during the day! Sometimes I still sneak in a short nap into my routine, but it's way harder now than back then.


Hans 3 months ago

Interesting how different perceptions can be: but as a toddler I would have never desired napping during the day and I am glad I do not have the desire for naps now.

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Hang out with people who are now gone.


Joe Mara 2 weeks ago

Being with grandparents and the whole family


Singing at home without the fear of being heard.


IT-4each Software Company 2 months ago

:D very interesting


As a child, you see the world with different eyes. You do not prejudice others and you don't know the first thing about how bad some people are or anything about hate, crime and war. Seeing the world today, knowing about those dark abysses of life and humanity, I sometimes wish to wake up in the morning, being able to live life just for one day, like it has been for me as a child. No need to worry about anything, no responsibilities, no fear (besides monsters under my bed). That would be great.


Susan L. Miller 2 months ago

I am reminded of the first time my friend's brother saw a black kid at a baseball practice and told her he thought the guy had a really great tan!


As a kid, I was so curious, excited and enthusiastic about a lot of things. I lost that somewhere and I wish that I could raise that kind of concern again.



Carelessly playing with my friend without being judged on anything.
Going to bed at night without the endless train of thoughts and worries.
Taking riding lessons without thinking "Do I look fat!? Or maybe like an idiot?!"
Inventing new games in the blink of an eye without thinking too much!

Those were the days... when our biggest fear was to be the last kid chosen for the soccer team.



The first memory I have, I was maybe 2 years old, on a hot summer,s day, and my mum let me run naked in the house. The feeling of my long hair on my shoulders and back was amazing! I never felt something so nice! Not caring, or realising, that I was naked and running free in my house! I miss those feelings.


Caitlyn McCracken 3 months ago

I loved that. I used to do it every time I took a bath. I would run through the house yelling "naked run!" when I got out. I totally get what you mean

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I miss being me. Life seems to make you something you aren't. I miss the feeling of being alone. Yeah, I was an only child. I miss staring out my window, daydreaming while listening to movie soundtracks (not the normal ones, Gettysburg, Hunt For Red October, Glory, etc.) It may seem sad to want that, it is, kinda, but I miss that.



One more: playing with Lego all day long.



Here's another one: Waiting for the ice cream truck coming around all day long during summer and making it the most important thing of the whole day. And next day, you do the same! That music or sound, when it enters your street, which you won't forget, even you get older and older. I am sure, I will remember it in 20 or 30 years from now, every time I hear or see an ice cream truck. Seeing all the kids, with a smile on their faces, brings back some good memories. Those were the days!


Susan L. Miller 2 months ago

That's one I remember well- our's was called "The Good Humor Man"!

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I wish I could go back to the summer trips my Dad and I took when we went to the mountain country-side for vacation. Ther's a mountain near Żegiestów called Hollow-Huge (straight translation from Polish). We used to get up at 4 AM, climb above the river valley and eat breakfast in the raising sunlight watching the sleeping village covered in fog. We ate berries on the way, walked up with sticks like Hobbits and going back I always put my head under the freezing mountain stream. I miss that time.



Huggggg everyone!!!! Hug each person I know really tight, without any reason (no one will think that something is wrong with you if you do it as a kid)


Em Jay 2 months ago

Being a little kid, not knowing how to tell time and even if adults told you, it didn't matter. Just playing outside, having fun with friends and being carefree.