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Portraits of Unrelated Look-Alikes by François Brunelle

Ever had people say that you reminded them of someone else? Well, sometimes it may be not just a cheesy pick up line: Canadian photographer François Brunelle proves this in this twin photo series “I’m not a look-alike!”, where his almost identical models are not even related. The artist has been studying the human face since 1968, when he first started of as a photographer at the age of 18. He is now set to make 200 photos of the look-alike couples and publish them as a portrait book.

François finds his models while traveling and then brings two complete strangers together for a photo shoot. “I found my first subjects simply through people I knew who looked alike. Then as the media covered my project, more people came forward to take part,” he adds.

Couples of different ages and even sexes pose as if for their family portraits, and one would hardly think they could be coming from completely different parts of the globe. Curious world we live in!


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  • Tanya Eshelman via Facebook

    not sure what’s weirder.. the fact they look so much alike, or the poses they are in..

  • Elina Arpiainen via Facebook


  • Misho Hadzhisotirov via Facebook

    Amazing..well in the end we originate from ‘one’ family ;)

  • Bethzy Poisoned Amazon Duplantis via Facebook

    Not only just a couple actually look a like, and some more like just a brother sister… The poses made the guys look so homosexual… Portraits supposed to be natural poses… How you see people in normal life… All the males looked like they marry each other…

  • Brenda Dommer Jones via Facebook

    My doppelganger is/was apparently in Denver, CO. About ten years ago, when I was about 16, I was stopped by a mother and daughter at the train station. They greeted me with a hug so fast I was completely caught off guard. They started looking at me confused like I had amnesia. After getting my bearings straight we cleared it up and took a picture us together to prove to their friend. Of course this was before social media and we didn’t trade emails but I’d like to meet this person.

  • Jill Cowie via Facebook

    Haven’t you been keeping up with the news Bethzy Poisoned Amazon Duplantis? People do see homosexuals in normal life… AND they can marry… Pfft.

  • Kelly Cox via Facebook

    Wow! I want to meet my twin.

  • Rhona Smith via Facebook

    I was told many years ago that I had a double in Iceland, but never did meet her…….I live in Ireland

  • Patrick

    Try Kathryn Bernardo from Philippines and Emi Takei from Japan, both are actresses.

  • Alastair Le

    What would be more amazing is finding two doppelganger of different race. I have seen that in real life but could never get them to stand side by side.

Author:   Date posted: Dec 17th, 2012
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