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QUIZ: Which Of These Identical Twins Smokes or Has Been Smoking Longer?

A team of doctors and researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have gathered an interesting new take on tobacco and cigarettes by comparing pairs of twins in which one of them smokes. They attended the Twins Days festival in Twinsburg, Ohio and met 79 pairs of twins in which either only one twin smoked or where one of the twins had started smoking at least 5 years before the other did. Professional photographers then took their portraits and a panel of judges were asked to evaluate the twins’ faces and rate their signs of aging.

The judges gave the twins scores, but you can see the results for yourself. The smoking twins, in comparison to their siblings that did not smoke or had smoked for a shorter period of time, received worse scores for wrinkled and baggy eyes, baggy cheeks, nose wrinkles, jowls and lip discoloration.

Smoking can be a controversial issue. On the one hand you’ve got the tobacco lobby and enthusiastic fans of smoking who defend their habit, and on the other you’ve got plenty of public and private institutions amassing a growing pile of evidence that smoking tobacco is bad for your health.

Smoking is a personal decision. Some people enjoy it enough that they don’t mind the numerous health risks, while others are simply too addicted to quit. But if you haven’t started smoking, think twice before you do!

Source: (Facial Changes Caused by Smoking: A Comparison between Smoking and Nonsmoking Identical Twins – Okada, Haruko C. M.D.; Alleyne, Brendan B.S.; Varghai, Kaveh; Kinder, Kimberly M.D.; Guyuron, Bahman M.D.)

Which one is a smoker?

Who has been smoking longer?

Who has been smoking longer?

Which one is a smoker?

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  • Shelly Anne

    You can easily SMELL the smoker before they arrive. Gross.

  • Edon Muhaxheri

    Photoshoped one.

  • Frankie Vegas

    I hate the smell of non smokers. All body odour and purfum and sweat. Gross.

    • Alexander Petrov

      Non-smokers can make themselves smell good.

    • Frankie Vegas

      Yeah, they can try.

  • fdsafdsa

    Smoking whaaa?

  • Barbara Aitchison

    Laughing my head off at the hilarious bad Chinese translations in the article above. Way fun!

  • Chris Bär Amstutz

    the person on the right side is non-smoker ;-)

  • Karine Ifrah Dummer

    And add the smoke smell to that Frankie Vegas, and it is truly disgusting a smell!!!

  • Kevin Dooms

    Sofie De Fleyt

  • Jan Bencko

    both cunts

  • Jacob Nijhoff

    i think the middel one

  • Connie Seale

    smoking what?

  • Ian Marshall

    the one on the right has just done loads more crack

  • Jennifer Hayes

    This may not be the result of smoking, a mild stroke can have the same effect facially.

    • Helen Booth

      that made me laugh… dunno if it was meant to be a joke or not

    • Liz Lizardo Carroll

      It is definitely the effect of smoking, which you would know had you actually read the article and did the quiz instead of just looking at the pic you can see…

  • Karna Hariyani

    2nd one

  • Simon Heathcote

    Do the quiz Jane! X

  • Ivaylo Lord Badinov

    I hate when someone eats while I smoke

    • Nacho Zɐuho

      yeah they make you a passive eater

  • Andrea AgRod

    Maria mira este articulo!

  • Venimus

    The left is on crack

  • Robyn Tijerina-Shively

    They both look horrible.

  • Ida Marie Bundgaard

    Eva tjek dette ud :)

  • Mauricio Cadillo


  • Pratap Ghadge


  • Shinwoo Lee


  • Axel Nelson

    What`s the difference?

  • Elmarie Van Huyssteen Ramnarain


  • ahmed abdullahi

    hu introduced smoking?

    • hard-truth

      Smoking originated with American Indians. European explorers then brought tobacco plants back to Europe, which allowed the nasty habit to spread across the continent, etc.

  • Įdomus Papuošalas

    the right side woman has been smoking longer

  • squaresparrow

    I’ve never even touched a cigarette in my life, far less smoked one. And after looking at this, I’m very happy about that. Just wish I could show my son this… He is 18 and smokes.

    • Gojiiiiiiiiii

      well, show him.

    • hard-truth

      e-mail him the link

    • hard-truth

      I started, and stopped (permanently), at age 12. Took years to recover.

  • stedispatch

    what a load of crap – had they lived exactly the same lives, they would still look slightly different. They would have different friends, work colleagues and a multitude of other life-changing scenarios…
    Granted, the “smoker” looks more haggard, but, in this case, has there been any research into other factors? Or is it just a carte blanche statement that smokers will look shitter than others?
    Oh, by the way, one way of making a difference is by asking one person not to smile….

    • cpolaw

      Some validity to your argument — if neither twin smoked they would still look different. Nevertheless, in twins, as well as siblings of close age, you can almost always tell the 20+ year smoker from the non-smoker. I might add that this is also true for the heavy alcohol consumer and the non alcohol consumer. Both alcohol and tobacco take a clearly noticeable toll on human anatomy and physiology.

    • hard-truth

      it is obvious you know nothing about how research is done.

    • Peter Immel

      Wow, I think here is a smoker, who was frightened to death…