After we wrote about Tanto Yensen, an Indonesian photographer who takes stunning pictures of frogs, it was just a matter of time when someone started a photoshop battle. One of his frogs bears such a striking resemblance to Star Wars heroine Princess Leia, that it's hard to tell them apart.

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Where some saw Leia, others saw Beethoven or a DJ. The internet seems to never run out of ideas. What do you see? Upload your photos below and as always - vote for your favorites.


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#1 Slave Frog Leia

Slave Frog Leia

Imgur Report

Ariadne.bat 5 months ago

You could say she's Frogtastic!

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#2 Beethoven


artunitinc Report

Luis Milian 5 months ago

jejeje. too funny!

#3 Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill

FoxQT Report

Jasmine Chen 5 months ago

LOL best one yet!!!!!!

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#4 Star Wars Team

Star Wars Team

ManuDV Report

Viola Black 5 months ago

May the force be with you frog!

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#5 Frog With A Pearl Earring

Frog With A Pearl Earring

magicsebi Report

Sandra Watkin 5 months ago

Just love this one

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#6 You're My Only Croak

You're My Only Croak

DrWa Report

Luis Milian 5 months ago

get it Froggly!

#7 Techno Frog

Techno Frog

fanTACHEtic Report

Theodora Kane 5 months ago


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#8 Devil And Angel

Devil And Angel

infera1 Report

Aga Medrala 5 months ago


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#9 Wild Toad's French Revolution

Wild Toad's French Revolution

Mal3ficent Report

#10 Hair And Makeup Didn't Help

Hair And Makeup Didn't Help

jnoble50 Report

Natasha L 5 months ago

Don't listen frog! You're beautiful

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