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Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine (Part II)

I have been following Ben Heine on flickr ever since I first saw his amazing Pencil Vs Camera series back in 2010. He is an outstanding photographer, and we are more than happy to share some of his new works along with the ones we’ve missed earlier.

Belgian painter Ben Heine has been taking photos and drawing almost since he was 10 years old. This “Pencil Vs Camera” series is nothing but the result of several years of graphic exploration and a logic consequence of his artistic evolution, says Ben. But the real idea came while he was watching television and writing a letter at the same time.

Reading my letter before putting it in the envelope, I saw in transparency the television behind the paper. I then realized it would be great to make something similar in a single image showing 2 different actions. I went outside and Drew “Pencil Vs Camera 1″ which is very simple and shows 2 chairs with a small table. About ¼ of the scene is represented on the paper, the other ¾ happens on the photo.

Websites: flickr

Pencil vs Camera (Part I)

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  • Chenoah Gutierrez via Facebook

    These are amazing!!

  • Einat Cohen via Facebook

    sooo cool

  • Adas Vasiliauskas via Facebook

    yes he knows. and already complained 5 months ago :)

  • Bella Furcht via Facebook

    coole idee :-)

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    “We call ourselves the other company, because we believe in honesty and fairness.”

  • Demetrios Tzortzis

    wow! these are incredible!

  • Melle Katerberg

    How did he manage to do this? Take a paper, hold it in front of something, take a photo of that, print the photo and draw on the paper on the photo???

  • Amygee1972

    I hope the artist takes 5 to read what people say cos I LOVE this work so much , you rock ur so cool, thanks man

  • Adrienne

    A figment of all our wildest imaginations!!

  • Clo

    so amazing i can’t even

Author:   Date posted: Apr 25th, 2012
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