Artists have been using pencils to draw and color for ages, but some decided that pencils also work great when creating some of the most magnificent sculptures.

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By combining colored pencils, putting them together or carving them, these artists transformed them into various magnificent art pieces: a gorilla, a teddy bear, a couple hugging, a miniature bust of Barack Obama - all seem to look as abstract objects coming to life. You have to look very closely to realize, that they are, in fact, made out of pencils.

Take a look at these fantastic pieces of art and submit your own pictures of pencil sculptures. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites as well!

#2 Pencil Carving

Pencil Carving

Cerkahegyzo Report

AustinNguyen 2 years ago

Danggg that's pretty solid

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#3 Tiny Pencil Tip Sculptures

Tiny Pencil Tip Sculptures

Dalton Ghetti Report

AustinNguyen 2 years ago

I would use that hacksaw to make the other pencil sculptures

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#5 Chain



JesseWrucha 2 years ago

these remind me of welsh love spoons!!

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#9 Raven & The Sun

Raven & The Sun

Diem Chau Report

wolvesrcool 2 years ago

love ravens and pencils .love it this<3 <3

#15 Couple Hugging

Couple Hugging

Federico Uribe Report

Affy 2 years ago

OOuch! Did that hurt them?

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#18 Pattern Spill

Pattern Spill

Lionel Bawden Report

GunjanDua 2 years ago

very pretty.