I love Krakow. I live in "Debniki" district. I wanted to show how beautiful this place is.

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I use only paper and glue.

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#4 Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei


Donna Oades 1 month ago

These are really cool. So, do you colour in the bits of paper before you glue them down, or do you cut them out of magazines etc?

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#5 Wag The Dog

Wag The Dog


Sergi M. 1 month ago

that doggo! love it

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#7 Mashroom



Alison Marchand 1 month ago

The plants, especially around the archway, look so realistic! Very impressive!

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#8 Cafe Mars

Cafe Mars


Susann Campbell 1 month ago

This picture tells a story that is only known by the people who live there. Very deep imagining .

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#9 Rynek Dębnicki

Rynek Dębnicki


Nuniek Widiayani 1 month ago

I love the color of the sky

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