Cats have a reputation for being cold and evil, but they're definitely sweet and protective when it comes to their kittens. These momma cats posing with their kittens prove that every mom can be proud of her children!

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Mother cats are tender and caring, but there are cases in which they can reject their kittens. This can happen when their kittens have birth defects, when their litter is too large, or for certain stress-related reasons. It's important to socialize kittens after 2 weeks, but be sure they spend most of their time with mom – she's got important lessons to teach them!

#3 The Same Cat's Mini-Me

The Same Cat's Mini-Me Report

Delta 1 year ago

This is actually the same cat, the original poster (on Reddit I think) said that this was a comparison of their cat when it was a kitten and full grown.

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#4 The Cutest Little Girl

The Cutest Little Girl Report

PamSinclair 1 year ago

Should be "The Cutest Little Girl"--calicos are females.

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#5 Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son Report

ClaudetteMcCoy 1 year ago

My male cat sleeps on his back too.

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#6 Matryoshka Cats

Matryoshka Cats

IAMA_dragon-AMA Report

ShannonChastain 1 year ago

None of these cats are photoshopped. They are super cute and remind me of the nestling dolls :-)

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#8 Friend's Cat And Her Kitten

Friend's Cat And Her Kitten

thankYouForReading Report

MaxineFultz 1 year ago

How cute can you get? Not much more!!

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#9 Cat With Her Mini-me

Cat With Her Mini-me

zedextol Report

MarilynJackson 1 year ago

If you say that bad word again, I'm washing your mouth out with soap!

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#10 Like Mother Like Daughter

Like Mother Like Daughter

NatureGeek_inBR Report

LoisReese 1 year ago

WOW. Even down to the different-colored eyes.

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#12 Mini-me



JaneStraw 1 year ago

Lol! Looks like the cat is taking a selfie!

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#13 Cat And Her Mini-me

Cat And Her Mini-me Report

NicoleArmstrong 1 year ago

You have never had kittens then.

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