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Minimalist Black and White Photography by Hossein Zare

Iranian photographer Hossein Zare presents a powerful series of black and white pictures that symbolize our journey through life. Stripped of unnecessary details, his photographs gives you the bare feeling of undefined destination in life, represented by the traveling man and other metaphors of life, such as a tree or a road. The concise titles of the photos (“In Vain”, “To…”, “Distance”) make them even more eloquent. A gallery definitely worth exploring!

Website: 500px, facebook

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  • Agata Urbaniak via Facebook

    sometimes less photoshop is more photography

  • Pinky Sara via Facebook

    Woow, U’re Not A Bored Panda, U’re A Super Creative, Amazing And Adorable Pandaa *-* Fell. In. Love. With. The. Page <3 <3 !