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New Craze in Japan: Japanese Schoolgirls Doing DBZ Energy Attacks

There is a new photo trend called “Makankosappo” among Japanese schoolgirls these days – teenagers seem to be using dangerous techniques they’ve learned from Dragon Ball on their classmates. Judging by the photos, a single energy attack like that can send all the surrounding classmates flying.

According to ‘Know your meme’, it all started when Japanese Twitter user ‘mkpiiii9‘ posted an image of herself and her classmates staging a dramatic shot titled “Makankosappo!!!!!!” It referred to the special beam cannon of Piccolo from the popular manga series Dragon Ball.

The new photo trend soon spread among Japanese school girls who started posting copycat photos on Twitter. Later, redditor Auyx posted a collection of these pictures on Imgur spreading the ‘Hadokening’ photo fad all over the internet.

Sources: reddit, knowyourmeme

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  • Jessica Sandison via Facebook

    I soon as I saw this, I gathered a bunch of mates and got my camera out! It was so fun :D

  • Duca Silveira via Facebook

    Júlio Lopes

  • Natalie Carrasco via Facebook


  • Mauricio Lázaro Trivelin via Facebook


  • Natalia Talkowska via Facebook

    Seweryn Karol Damian :)

  • Ju Pont via Facebook

    Adam Beal :P

  • Lilus Kikus via Facebook

    Aus Tin

  • Peter Allan Cobb via Facebook

    …mint !

  • Tania Maria Maukau via Facebook


  • Mayukh Goswami via Facebook


  • Kuba Škrobánek via Facebook

    bacha na japonské školačky :)

  • Júlio César Lopes via Facebook

    japanese girls <3 kkkkkkkkkkkkkk bom demais! Vanessa Kanashiro Fugi prepare-se!

  • bob

    @Martin Clem… Lame.

  • David Nicholson via Facebook

    Samantha Nicholson

  • Elena Davidson via Facebook

    Very Japanese. But where are boys?

  • ey

    obviosly false :(

  • ey

    obviosly false :(

    • Nick

      are you f’in serious? really? like REALLY? I’m going to smack my face off the wall a few times after that.

  • Suko Yamoski

    They obviously have very little to do with their lives.

  • Sunburn

    Seems like none of the boys survived these dragon ball attack thing !
    Pictures are pretty cool though !

  • besplatan

    You had me at “Japanese schoolgirls”

Author:   Date posted: Apr 1st, 2013
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