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Miniature Buildings: Street Art by EVOL

German street artist EVOL transforms banal urban surfaces into miniature lifelike buildings. He is like an urban planner, but unlike the others, he creates a city within the city.

The artist uses complicated stencils to quickly transform powerboxes, and other worn urban surfaces into miniature apartment buildings or other structures. By drawing tiny balconies and satellite dishes onto the side of an electrical box, he is able to turn it into a realistic tiny skyscraper.

EVOL’s works are so precise that, when you’re glancing at photographs, it sometimes might be hard to tell that you’re not looking at pictures of real buildings.

The artist creates miniature buildings within different cities and has even been commissioned to do installations in galleries, and while the police might not agree with this street art project, they probably enjoy the end result.

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  • Rafael Viana


  • Alex

    This kind of street art i really enjoy, because
    it really works with no mental effort. Just sort of kicks you back into a
    consciousness of your own magnitude and gives you a sense of your own
    destructive power. We have been rising above our own buildings for a
    while now. Nothing fits us anymore, we take up all the space. This work
    is the opposite of the New York effect of pettiness.

  • Munky

    wow super sick.

Author:   Date posted: May 23rd, 2011
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