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8 Creature Cups To Spice Up Your Morning Coffee

It’s nice to have something that makes you smile as early in the day as your first coffee cup. A Brooklyn-based team of designers (and coffee lovers) called Yumi Yumi, created a line of cups with goofy creatures on the bottom, which slowly emerge as you sip your drink.

We’ve had these little creatures crawling around our head for years – just trying to get out. We didn’t know where they were trying to go until one day they told us – your coffee!” – says the Yumi Yumi team.

As of now, so-called Creature Cups include Octopus, Crocodile, Pelican, Sea Otter, Spider, Shark and Lobster, but there’s also one with a skull.

If you’d like to have those fellas in your coffee, check them out here!

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What do you think?

  • Tracy Miles via Facebook

    This isn’t a new idea, I used to have a cup like this that had a Penis in haha

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Tracy Miles was it black or white cup?

  • Tracy Miles via Facebook

    A white one :) it had balls and everything lol

  • Christine-Chléo Perez-Cheveaux via Facebook

    sure with the spider one I won’t drink coffee anymore…

  • Burr Öhrström via Facebook

    Hard to clean! Imagine the horror after a few years…

  • Jessica Sandison via Facebook

    where can you get them??

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Jessica Sandison Try Amazon:

  • Anthony Gianfrancesco via Facebook

    @Burr Öhrström I thought the same thing! you know you’re getting old when you think to yourself… “those must be a bitch to clean”

  • Burr Öhrström via Facebook

    Yeahh… Sad but true.

  • Karolína Hrichová via Facebook

    Where is Cthulhu?

  • Julie Ann MacKinnon via Facebook

    Cthulhu is fighting with Narwhals

  • Popesantaxiv

    Those would be a hassle to clean.

  • Kemal Kaya

    Octopus is a great surprise in the morning coffee – immediately wake up

Author:   Date posted: Oct 24th, 2012
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