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Non Classical Portraits of Classical Musicians

If you were asked to create a portrait for a classical musician, what would the picture look like? I guess even if you did the job perfectly, the result would still look boring!

Denmark-based photographer and cellist Nikolaj Lund decided to reinvent the portraiture of classical musicians by taking the subjects out of their natural environment – the orchestra pit – and asking them do strange poses in places like streets, oceans and deserts. The results are beyond amazing!

“Nikolaj is incredibly able to make photos “speak”; from the atmosphere he creates in the photos, it is really easy to travel into the picture and become part of it! I believe this is essential when portraying musicians; the lack of sound is totally compensated by the breathing atmosphere.” said violinist Isabelle van Keulen  after the shoot.


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  • Nanditha Guruswamy via Facebook

    Brilliant pictures, hats off!

  • Patrick Rahm via Facebook


  • rema

    creative pictures :)

Author:   Date posted: May 14th, 2012
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