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15 More Creative Cups and Mugs

The annoying sound of an alarm wakes you up. You open your eyes, make an enormous effort to stand up. The next few moments can decide the destiny of your day. What will it be?

If you start your morning with a cup of tea or coffee, this post is for you! Following our first selection of creative coffee and tea mugs, here’s a list of some fresh ideas of what you could hold in your hands while sipping your favorite drink.

Not only can these creative cups make your morning at least somewhat nicer, but they are always a great gift idea for a friend.

Which one do you like best?

1. Bathing Girl Cup

Designed by: | buy

2. Floating Mug

Designed by: The Floating Mug

3. Fishing Couple Mug

Designed by: Mizar | buy

4. Cookie Monster Mug

Designed by: Samantha Ulrich | buy

5. Eiffel Tower Mug Set

Designer: unknown

6. Buddha Bowl

Designed by: flavour design

7. Black Cat Porcelain Cup

Designed by: Harriet Damave

8. Keyboard Coffee Cups

Designed by: E Square


9. Mustache Protector Cup

Image credits: guildofghostwriters

10. Mugtail

Designed by: kinto | buy

11. 2 Carat Coffee Mug

Designed by: Fred & Friends | buy

12. Panda Smile On Your Face Mug Set

Designed by: | buy

13. Cup of Tree Set

Designed by: | buy

14. Handmade Giraffe Coffee Mug

Designed by: Blue Witch | buy

15. Octopus Cup

Designed by: Yumi Yumi | buy

Creative Coffee and Tea Mugs (Part I)

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What do you think?

  • Ophélie Rodriguez via Facebook

    love the Keyboard Coffee Cups!

  • Marianne Nielsen via Facebook

    I’d like the floating mug…

  • Sherry Pelkey via Facebook

    fishing for tea :)

  • KPdesign via Facebook

    Oh man, they’re all so sweet – how does one choose? I think I’m leaning toward the fishing couple or moustache!

  • Daniel Wong Siew Ho via Facebook

    Eugene Tan!

  • Alina Ionescu via Facebook

    floating mug and buddha bowl are the best…and teeth one is kind of creepy :))

  • Ivet Neuschl via Facebook


  • Lenore Collins via Facebook

    Bathing Girl Cup is good and fishing cup is clever and functional, doesn’t get better than that!

  • Alfa Arquitectos via Facebook


  • Carol Lu via Facebook

    love bathing girlll !!!

  • Carol Lu via Facebook

    btw womany got fishing couple mug / mugtail & creepy tea mugs on the site (Y) ps. I’m not virus >_<

  • Ruth Cheshire via Facebook

    Cookie monster very useful :) Buddha bowl very beautiful and Panda is fun :)

  • Jurjen Van Der Helden via Facebook

    Is die laatste iets voor jou Kirsten van der Helden?

  • Angelika Iwanczyk via Facebook

    Cookie Monster Mug perfect for me!!!

  • Heli Takala via Facebook

    ctrl+alt+del…. that kinda just makes my day :)

  • Nikolina Payne via Facebook

    Floating mug is the best! Black cat porcelain mug comes at a close second.

  • Nika Kobielka via Facebook

    love it :D

  • Gillian Jones via Facebook

    Love the Cookie Monster Mugs and the Mugtail ones :)

  • MetaMythic via Facebook
  • FD

    were can we buy this!!! Love it

  • Michelle Jones via Facebook

    I have the buddah bowls, love them

  • Leslie Emilie Tuck via Facebook

    Kahlia Fisher did you see the cookie monster one?

  • Lisa Champine via Facebook


  • Kahlia Fisher via Facebook

    These are so cute! :) thanks for the heads up, Leslie Emilie Tuck

  • Leslie Emilie Tuck via Facebook

    I so love the panda one.

  • Sinduja Krishnan via Facebook

    Love them all <3

  • BingBonggggg

    Love it! Very creative!

  • OIC Moments

    Not sure we’d want to find even a smiling a squid in the bottom of our cup without warning!

  • Ruth Caplan via Facebook

    Where can you get the fishing one! I love it!

  • Bored Panda

    Wow, this is not cool.Thank you R. for letting us known! I’ll try to contact them.

  • Elizabeth

    Anyone know where I can buy the Eiffel tower mugs? Thanks!

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