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Painted Pigeons In Venice

You would probably rub your eyes once or twice if you saw a bright pink or green pigeon whizzing by – but if this happens while you’re in Venice, Italy, stay cool: it’s fine, it’s art.

In order to change the perception of pigeons being ‘the rats of the sky’, Berlin-based artists Julian Charriere and Julius von Bismarck decided to paint the feathered fellas in various vivid colors. Without harming the pigeons, the artist duo spray-painted them with a specially created booth hoping that the hostility would be replaced by camera shutter clicks.

It was a part of the art project called “Some pigeons are more equal than others” during the 2012 Venice Biennale, so some of the colored pigeons might still be lingering around there.

via: designboom

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  • Winoah

    There are painted pigeons in the Efteling in Holland too, but these ones in Venice are painted more natural. The Efteling ones are very bright!

  • Helga Verheyen via Facebook

    Love arts.. this is beyond… pigeons remain rats no matter how you spray them… when eating outside on a teracce they are very bold feels like an attack is NOT FUNNY period!

  • Paolo Ardito via Facebook


  • Konstance Tong Vergos via Facebook

    Doesn’t change the fact that pigeons are still nasty flying rats!

  • Ashley Kneipper via Facebook

    Now they’re just pretty colored flying rats

  • Elena Davidson via Facebook

    It’s torturing animals. No matter whether they are flying rats of the sky or actual rats, it’s not humane!

  • dave

    Godwin, so early…

Author:   Date posted: Sep 20th, 2012
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